Bradley Cooper remembers being belittled by his colleagues at the Oscars

Two decades ago Bradley Cooper was known as an actor totally unrelated to the Oscar ceremonies. His participation in half a dozen romantic comedies and others of a higher tone, made him one more element of a generally underestimated genre. Ten years ago, however, Cooper received an Oscar nomination from filmmaker David O Russell and later ventured into directing his own film with award-winning results.

Now as he prepares to present his next big project, in which he directs, writes, produces and acts, the actor remembers a few things. According to Cooper during his first forays into the elite hollywood, there were several colleagues who still could not take him seriously. Some even doubted the validity of his nominations and others patronized his merits as an actor.

Everything happened during the private parties that occur after the night of the Oscars. In one of them, the actor remembers (via) how he approached another actress friend of his, while she was talking with a director. On that occasion, Cooper had seven nominations for A star Is Born, where one was for Best Picture and another for Best Actor. The filmmaker then told him: “In what world do we live where you have seven nominations and she only three?”

“For me it was like, brother why are you such an idiot,” the actor recalled. “I will never forget that. Fuck off”.

However, that was not the first time. According to Cooper, the first time anyone disparaged him at the Oscars was when he was nominated for Best Actor for Silver Linings Playbook. In that movie, she shared a scene with Jennifer Lawrence, who eventually ended up taking home the Oscar for her performance.

During the party after that ceremony a “superhero” actress approached him to give him her condescending stamp of approval. She came over and said, “Hey, I saw your movie. you deserve the name [nominación]».

“I was like, what? Apology?’ ‘The name,'” Cooper commented. “Then, like 10 or 20 minutes later, I’m not kidding, I walked past her on the way to the bathroom and she mouthed, ‘The nom.’ Memory [pensar], what the hell is this town?’ Can you imagine saying that to someone? You have to be screwed to do that.”

Bradley Cooper prepares to once again surprise his colleagues at the Oscars with Teacher. The film that has taken almost four years to cook will be a biopic about film musician Leonard Bernstein. Despite the time in production, the actor assures that it has been one of the happiest stages of his life.

In it Coper holds the direction again, but also writes, produces and stars. The actor is likely to make it to Hollywood’s Dolby Theater for the third time, with several more nominations under his belt.

“He had a secret weapon in ‘A Star Is Born.’ She was Lady Gaga,” Cooper added. “The secret weapon that I have in this film is the legends Leonard Bernstein and Gustav Mahler. Music!”

Teacher It will hit theaters in 2023.

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