Brad Pitt reveals he went to Alcoholics Anonymous, after divorce with Angelina Jolie

The life of Brad Pitt has had its low moments, as the actor himself pointed out when revealing that, after his divorce from Angelina Joliewas part of an Alcoholics Anonymous group with the goal of quitting drinking.

In an interview granted to the English edition of the magazine ‘GQ’, whose most recent cover starred, the movie heartthrob spoke openly about dependence on alcohol and cannabis, a practice that was his martyrdom for many years and which he decided to cut completely with the help of a handful of professionals.

already in the past Angelina Jolie He talked about how much it affected him professionally to separate from Pitt, with whom he had three children and adopted three more children. Meanwhile, now it was Brad’s turn to talk with his heart about what he experienced after divorcing the woman with whom he started a family.

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The veteran actor who will turn 59 this 2022 confessed to the aforementioned publication that, for 18 months, he went to meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous in a “really private and selective” group, and that is that he feared his therapies would be leaked as he was a star. known worldwide, “I had seen things of other people that had been recorded while they exposed their entrails, and that is just appalling to me,” he said.

It should be remembered that in 2017 Pitt confessed, also to ‘GQ’, that he consumed cannabis daily for much of his life, in addition to excessive amounts of alcohol. “I can’t remember a single day after leaving college that I haven’t been drinking or smoking a joint or something,” he recounted.

Brad, whose first wife was Jennifer Anistonadmitted in his most recent interview with the English medium that he drank to avoid certain feelings and happily said that he feels “really very happy” to have left behind the aforementioned consumption habits.

In addition to giving up alcohol, after his regular visits to an AA group for a year and a half, Brad has quit smoking and pointed out that it is something definitive, that he does not allow himself even one cigarette a day. Meanwhile, he pointed out that at his age “nothing good” can come out of smoking.

Without a doubt, Pitt put aside his vices to become a renewed man who, as he showed in the photo shoot of the most recent edition of ‘GQ’, is in a moment of maturity in which, in addition to feeling formidable, he looks gorgeous.

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