Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie boast of children: the celebrities who have inherited musical and artistic talent

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt They can be more than proud of the large family they have formed during their years as a married couple. Without a doubt, regardless of their separation, it is a family linked to the world of art and they have successful professional careers. However, it is not the only media family that has innate talent. At CADENA 100 we review several artists who have inherited the musical talent of their loved ones.

the cyrus family

Billy Ray Cyrus He is an actor, singer, songwriter of country music in the United States and, in addition, father of pop star Miley Cyrus, with whom he shared the leading role in the popular Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. The singer, recognized for his cowboy hat and cowboy boots, has earned a total of eight top singles on the Billboard Country Songs chart, a difficult position to achieve, which denotes his talent within this style. A talent that, without a doubt, his daughter Miley has inherited.

The Orozco family

That Jan Orozco is a crack of music is no longer a surprise to anyone. Over the last few years we have been able to see how his father constantly brags about his talent, showing everyone everything he has learned in the world of music.

We have been able to see his talents on the guitar, being a virtuoso on the piano, how he feels the rhythm on the drums… but of course, his learning does not end there, since the boy has too many concerns related to music and there is no facet that resists him, surprising us over and over again with each video he uploads.

He is a boy who can dedicate himself to whatever he wants, although we are almost sure that he will opt for music, where he shows us with all his art whenever he can, even being a DJ, because this is not the first time that Jan He has shown us to be a virtuoso also in this discipline.

the revolt family

The daughters of the ‘celebrities’ are taking over from their relatives, as is the case with claudia ulathe eldest daughter of Rachel Revolt and Miguel Ángel Jiménez who died a couple of years ago in a heart operation. At 26 years old, he is an unknown face in the world of the heart, although he has had his ‘first steps’ on television at the hands of ‘The Voice’ or ‘Top Star’. But, Who is Claudia Ula and why is she so admired on Instagram?

Despite having almost 18 thousand followers on her Instagram account for her talent in music or for her work as an ‘influencer’, the young woman has an unconditional follower, his mother, Raquel Revueltawho always boasts about her and, on this occasion, has also been through her social networks.

Claudia’s entire environment defines her as a very hard-working and humble woman. In fact, and although she works in the world of hospitality and business, Claudia has an innate talent, the voice. Although she had no “luck” in the auditions of ‘The Voice’has had the opportunity to sing with Melendi on stage after passing through the contest.

The Serrats

In addition to Joan Manuel, his granddaughter Luna has also inherited this talent. She “she is an influencer to pay for her studies, an actress, she studies acting and music and that is what defines her the most, music and cinema, she loves them.” be the granddaughter of Joan Manuel Serrat, says that “it is a lot, but for good”. Although he admits that “criticism can hurt him”, he is a forward-thinking person and is clear about what he wants: “Now that I study what I’m passionate about, I go to classes with a desire that I’m dying, now I’m real Luna”.

The word “success”, which her grandfather Serrat knows very well, is not a priority for Luna. The important thing for her is, without a doubt, being able to work on what she likes. “I just want to work, I don’t care where in cinema, theater… I haven’t done anything yet, but I’m still an actress. Not because you make a series on Netflix and you have 5 million followers you are more of an actress or an actor, that is carried within”, has explained. In addition, she loves to enjoy Madrid and she does it in very good company. Among the most outstanding friendships of the young woman, are anna ferrer either Anita Matamoros.

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