Boricua integrates the team of the World Chiropractic Federation

The PHC of which Dr. Serrano is now a part, has the responsibility of advising the World Federation of Chiropractic.

Mayda Serrano Alvira, Associate Director of Clinical Affairs and Research of the Chiropractic Doctorate Program of the Central Caribbean University (UCC). Photo: Courtesy of Mayda Serrano.

Puerto Rican Mayda Serrano Alvira, Associate Director of Clinical Affairs and Research of the Doctorate Program in Chiropractic at the Central University of the Caribbean (UCC) and former president of the Association of Chiropractors of Puerto Rico, was selected as a member of the Public Health Committee (PHC , for its acronym in English) of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).

“Once again, Puerto Rico stands out worldwide and I can proudly say that this appointment represents another recognition of the excellence of professionals who are part of our faculty,” said Dr. Waleska Crespo, president of the UCC.

The appointment of Dr. Serrano comes at a time when the UCC has just graduated the first class of doctors in Chiropractic fully trained in Puerto Rico and, in the year in which it celebrates the 45th anniversary of its foundation.

The creation of this Committee makes it possible to expand the promotion of chiropractic at a global level, since it includes at least one representative from each of the 7 world regions of the Federation. Since 2019 it is chaired by Dr. Claire Johnson, who is a chiropractor, and has a doctorate in health public with specialization in epidemiology.

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The PHC, of ​​which Dr. Serrano is now a member, is responsible for advising the World Federation of Chiropractic on the implementation of health campaigns public, related to the practice of chiropractic in the world.

In addition, he works with implementation of projects Educational programs aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) agenda on applied chiropractic both at the individual and community levels.

For this year 2022, the campaign of the WFC Public Health Committee advocates for the promotion of physical activity by chiropractors in support of the publication of the WHO guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

In addition to the Puerto Rican Mayda Serrano, who represents the Latin American region in the PHC, the team for the 2022-2025 period is made up of doctors Mustafa Agaoglu, representing the Eastern Mediterranean region; Dawn Dana, to work for the Pacific region; Kendrah Da Silva, spokesperson for Africa; David Peeace and Alli Totzke, from North America; Yi Kai Wong for the Asia region and Richard Browngeneral secretary of the board.

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