Bolt Taxi violates the right to fair competition

“In our opinion, the billing practices used by Bolt HTX Kft., which have also received press coverage in recent days, are considered more serious than trademarks, as well as violating the fair interests of the companies we represent as competitors and their right to compete fairly,” several taxi companies in Budapest, such as Főtaxi and 6×6 Taxi, write in their press releases. With this announcement, taxi companies wanted to respond to the fact that the president of the National Taxi Association recently asked the capital to cancel the license of Shop Taxi, because, in his opinion, it is illegal. However, according to the BPC, Bolt Taxi operates legally.

According to the companies that just signed the press release, Bolt’s problem is that it does not carry out its statutory activities. More precisely, it means that, in their opinion, the company is outsourcing billing to its foreign partner in order to take advantage of EU tax regulation and provide clearly better conditions to the passenger carriers that have contracted with it. “Mainly at the expense of the budget, that is, all taxpayers.”

“We are clearly in favor of acting in accordance with the law and impartially regulating equal competition. In our opinion, against the backdrop of a clear wording of the law, the unexpectedly broad legal interpretation of trademarks by the Capital and their approval in a kind of “lightweight” procedure violates fair competition. We intend to adhere to these principles, as we have done so far: we all believe in fair competition, which we undertake on equal terms, ”they said in a statement.

Companies hope that a comprehensive investigation by the tax authority will restore the company’s legitimate activities.

According to the BPC, there is nothing wrong with that.

BKK has previously stated in a statement that BKK does not issue permits, but only a provisional certificate of conformity that cannot be revoked, and in the case of Bolt there would be no reason to do so. Otherwise, this permit may be issued and revoked by the transport authority. “There is no legislation on the basis of which the BPC could subsequently revoke this provisional certificate,” they wrote. Previously, Bolt Taxi also wrote: “BOLT HTX Kft. in all cases acts in accordance with the Hungarian legal regulations, fully complies with them and cooperates with the competent authorities in everything.”

As we wrote in Telex, the president of the taxi association, Zoltan Metal, is asking the capital to cancel Bolt’s passenger transportation contract, because, in his opinion, it is illegal. “The main problem is that actors don’t have to compete under the same conditions,” he said.

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