Bogdan Ioan, winner of the 2018 Voice of Romania, dedication to Michael Jackson: “It’s inexplicable”

Bogdan Ioan instantly captivated the audience with his incredible voice at Vocea României 2018, and his first appearance in the competition, a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”, has amassed over 50 million views on YouTube to date.

Bogdan Ioan about Michael Jackson: “He is the reason why I am in the music industry now”

His moment entered The Voice Top 10 Acts global chart, proving that his talent transcends the country. The artist has a special relationship with the music of Michael Jackson, which, according to him, changed his life. “I felt Michael Jackson as a member of the family, an older brother, a mentor.

I can frankly say that it is he who is the reason that I am now in the music industry, and the person Bogdan Ioan, in addition to the education received from his parents, was also formed by Mikhail on the example of modesty, common sense and professionalism. . Thanks Michael for everything! I made this live video with Michael Jackson to celebrate the great pop artist and at the same time I want it to be a gift for my followers who have supported me since I competed in the Vocea României talent contest”, – said Bogdan John.

“The day one of the most important people who left a mark on my life was born”

Since August 29 is a special day for fans of Michael Jackson, the birthday of the megastar, Bogdan Ioan celebrates this moment with a collage of the best songs from the repertoire of the great artist.

The material was recorded live, and the artist offers fans a real dance show and good music that will take subscribers to the world of music of the king of pop. “August 29 is a special day for me, the day when one of the most important people who left their mark on my life, after my family, was born, the one who ultimately changed the course of my life. and that person is none other than megastar Michael Jackson.

I want to commemorate this day with a concert including some of his songs, through which I express my respect and gratitude to him for everything he has meant as an artist and as a person, and especially for the impact he has had on my path. life and career,” he said.

And then he told how the music of Michael Jackson influenced him since childhood. “I can’t express in words my passion for him, because since I discovered him, I listened to his songs and was fascinated by the music, the exciting choreography and the videos that made history. The first acquaintance with his music happened quite early, around age 4, when I was watching the new video for “They Dont Care About Us” on TV.

“When I first learned to dance like him, I practiced every night”

Passion reached the level of an obsession in my teens, around the time YouTube was born, because I suddenly had access to absolutely everything about him: from live concerts, interviews, from his clips showing how he managed to create a particular track, to images of a person Michael Jackson from his personal archive.

From that moment on, we only talked about him every day. When I first learned to dance like him, I rehearsed every night after I came home from school and there were nights when I stayed up until 3 am rehearsing his moves, and everything I rehearsed at home I put on stage during speeches on the occasion of the holidays organized by the Theoretical Lyceum of Ovid, where I studied.


“Thanks to Michael Jackson, I abandoned architecture and embarked on this beautiful path of music”

What’s really great about this whole journey for me is the fact that I didn’t know I could sing until I was 17, when one day I told myself I wanted to sing like him. I said I had to be good at it and have since started homeschooling, continuing through college on karaoke nights and culminating in a viral moment from Vocea României.

It’s inexplicable to me how much my timbre is similar to his, especially since I’m not trying to specifically imitate his timbre, it just happens naturally. Thanks to him, I abandoned architecture and embarked on this beautiful path of music.”

The Michael Jackson live performance video is just the first in a series of videos that Bogdan Ioan plans to release this fall on his YouTube channel.

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