Boca Juniors and River Plate rejected Dibu MartínezHalftime

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Fate had saved a beautiful consecratory chapter for Damian Emiliano Martinez. To be the protagonist of that page, he had to fight against all odds since he was little.

It was at the age of 12 that the drawingnickname that his close friend, Alejandro Munoz, He put him in the Independiente pension, put together a bag with his belongings, said goodbye with a hug from his parents and his brother and, with glazed eyes, he set his sights on the goal of succeeding in professional soccer.

The Red, his father Alberto’s favorite club, had wanted to sign him two years earlier. the very Ricardo Enrique Bochiniabsolute idol of Dibu’s father, had contacted the authorities of the Athletic Club San Isidro de Mar del Plata to take it with just 10 years after a game played in La Feliz.

At that time, Emiliano’s parents believed that it was too early for him to become independent, which is why he continued to forge himself at CASI until two important tests emerged.

George Petaone of the first coaches that the goalkeeper of the national team had in his native Mar del Plata, used to take outstanding boys from the seaside city to Buenos Aires.

For a while I had thought about putting Emi on the same field together with the cracks of the two most important teams in the country. Thus, the first formal tests that Emiliano Martínez carried out in clubs in the Federal Capital were mouth and rivernot independent.

“He went to Boca and River, he was 12 years old. He came back somewhat disappointed because he spent a week doing tests, they were eliminating boys and he was staying. But, in the end, the goalkeeper of a coach who was old from the club or something like that was left. He knew that he could have stayed, that’s why he was disappointed ”, Beto, his father, who suffered at the same time from rejection, reviewed that episode.

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