blue gives way to three different colors

Elon Musk’s bet to take charge of Twitter will turn out well, badly or regularly and we will see it in a while, but his landing has not been orthodox. After layoffs, calls back to key employees, incomprehensible practices and the Show of verification in exchange for a Twitter Blue of eight dollars a month, now I put it, now I remove it, now give me a moment, this is crap; Musk has announced what the new three-color criteria will be for his verification system.

Let’s remember that traditionally, Twitter only verified relevant or famous people or institutions (or not famous, but linked to journalism) at no cost, in exchange for identity verification and setting a profile on their profile. check the color blue.

Musk modified it to accommodate anyone who paid for the Blue subscription, and in the face of impostures, some of which even had consequences in stock actions, he chose to add a second brand, “Official”, in gray, under the name of the users. that they would have deserved it. It was deleted after two hours. And then he came back. provisionally.

blue, gold, gray

A consequence of having ignored the warnings of Twitter security personnel, which also forced the Twitter Blue subscription program to be paused until the formula was found to prevent identity theft.

Now, after the swing, Musk has confirmed that this system will consist of checks of three colors:

  • Blue: private individuals, famous or not, verified
  • Golden: Business
  • Gray: government institutions

This new system will come into force, if there is no change of plans, next friday december 2. Musk has also clarified that all verified accounts will go through manual authentication before being granted the check of the color that corresponds to them, something that he has defined as “painful”, being understood as “tedious”, “but necessary” according to him.

Big tech is coming off a party that has lasted for more than a decade.  Now comes the mother of all hangovers

Although Musk had already advanced a few days ago that his system would use several colors, he had not given details until now. He has done it in his usual way: answering in open to a user who required him for it.

Now it is expected that, once this problem is overcome, and if there are no new complications, Twitter will begin to look towards the following points marked by Musk’s blog, which includes major changes such as encrypted messages to encourage their use or the arrival of video calls and voice chats.

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