Blikk: Former Hungarian Olympian who scammed millions of his victims went to jail

The former Olympic gymnast has scammed several people in recent years.

He went to jail Lenke from Almas Blick knew. The former Olympic gymnast, an athlete who participated in the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow, has deceived several people in recent years, resulting in, according to the most conservative estimates, a total damage of 30-35 million Hungarian forints.

In the case of Budapest II. and III. The district prosecutor’s office filed a charge of committing a crime in the form of systematic fraud, according to which the court, following the results of the trial, found the accused guilty and sentenced him to 1 year in prison. In the ruling, the court also ordered that a one-year suspended prison sentence, previously imposed on the defendant in another case, be enforced, also for fraud. Budapest VIII. This is reported by the district prosecutor’s office.

he said to blikk Bettina OwlThis was announced by the representative of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office. In other words, the investigation into the reports that sounded in the spring has not yet been completed, because of them the former Olympian faces even more years in prison.

The victims recently created a separate Facebook group where everyone could share their dissatisfaction. There were people who loaned Almasi the relatively small amount of 250,000 forints, but it happened that he simultaneously cheated someone out of 6.5 million forints.

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