Blanca Surez points to the short bangs with a trick that makes it versatile and flattering

ANDhe bangs today is no longer what it was. If something was previously considered hard to carry and not suitable for all, today it is one of the great trends that survive throughout 2022 and, thanks to the thousand and one types that there are, it becomes possible for all face types and hair, including curly.

Blanca Surez She knows it well, it is not the first time she has worn bangs, and on her vacations in the Maldives we have seen her debut a hair look with one of the most difficult: short bangs, mini, which goes above the eyebrows.

This is Blanca Surez’s new bangs

We have seen Blanca Surez with long, open bangs, curtain at various times in his life. and also in 2019 with a short and straight, mini, of those difficult, in false version (Let’s not forget that extensions and ‘fake’ bangs are the order of the day).

However, regarding that occasion, the actress has introduced a novelty is her mini bangs and it’s something blunt in the center, as if it were a curtain fringe in the micro version.

this little detail takes away ‘rigor’ to the bangs, that instead of hardening the features, softens and anias. But there is more: that bluntness turns the bangs versatile, easy to style straight, to wear something disheveled, to move to one side or to hide it on the sides of the mane if he gets tired of it.

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Blanca Surez with a straight bangs, false, in 2019.GTR ONLINE

How to wear Blanca Surez’s short and blunt bangs

count from Blow Dry Bar (Pelayo, 76, Madrid) that this super short version of the fringe, also called baby bang, was famous in years 60 and 70 -See the one from Audrey Hepburn- and returned in the decade of the 90s.

“This is a short fringe to the middle of the forehead that can be cut whole or paraded -‘bitten’- to soften the features”, they explain from Blow Dry Bar.

Halle Berry at the 2021 Oscars, Emma Watson or Daphne Bridgerton’s character in the Netflix series have all opted for this version in the past. of the mini bangs in the paraded version, something sweeter, as Blanca Suez has done now.

Who can wear a mini fringe like Blanca Surez’s

We admit it: its XS length means that the mini fringe is not as versatile or rejuvenating as a curtain, and it is not equally flattering on all.

Choosing him is not so much a question of age as of other factors. In the words of the Blow Dry bar experts, the ‘baby bang’ “works very well in heart-shaped faces, since it narrows the forehead. It’s a cut that exudes freshness, expressiveness and futurism.”

its blunt version, type of Blanca Surez, is instead more versatile. “Aim for a casual look, it is easy to comb and favors the oval or elongated faces; and, if the height is adapted, also to round faces”, explains Fran Galn, colorist and stylist The Beauty Concept Hair (Jos Ortega y Gasset, 47, in Madrid)-

From Blow Dry Bar they say that the ‘baby bangs’ can be taken with any length and both loose and collected hair. Fran Galn, on the other hand, prefers them in straight midi hair. And to Natalia Rusanova, hair stylist Lobelia Sagasta (Sagasta, 12 in Madrid), few cuts go as well with a mini fringe as a garon or bob.

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