Black Panther. They reveal who is the new interpreter of the sequel

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The sequel to Black panther He already has his new hero, the new T’Challa would have a first and last name after the role has become vacant after the death of Chadwick Boseman, an announcement expected by many fans of the films Marvel and the character.

It has been leaked that the actor Winston duke will be the one who takes the baton to use the suit of the protector of Wakanda Forever. According to the specialized media, Marvel studios decided that the interpreter of M’Baku will be the one to assume the new role and not Letitia wright, as had been speculated.

The plot is still unknown and therefore the question remains how it is that M’Baku will take the role of the Black Panther. In social networks, some theories of how this could happen have begun to be generated. One of them points out that M’Baku would take the role as leader after in the first part he was one of those who challenged T’Challa.

This leak comes just when the rumors about the problems they have had filming with Letitia wright, who was one of the candidates to take the role. Only that his recent controversy over his anti-vaccine position has worried the Marvel team. Everything indicates that the end of Black Panther 2 has adjustments to suit Duke.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It is the title that has been officially revealed for the sequel and began filming in mid-2021 after several changes in production after the death of Chadwick boseman.

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