Black Friday loses steam

Complicated year in online commerce. The chip shortage has been taking its toll on all those who want to get the latest technology for a year. Graphics cards, processors, consoles … many products impossible to get, and the rest with a very small stock. And it seems that it goes for a long time, since various manufacturers point to 2022 in the same line of shortage as the previous one.

And that seems to have had a huge impact on one of the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday. The first figures around the sales of this day of advanced offers, in which many take the opportunity to do Christmas shoppingThe truth is that they are not very flattering.

According to data from Adobe, online sales during Black Friday have fallen this year, marking the first time that spending has been lower than the previous year. In total, spending on Black Friday has been $ 8.9 billion this year, slightly less than the $ 9 billion that was spent in 2020, which was already especially low due to the pandemic.

2021: the year Black Friday sales drop

In addition, a year in which household savings is at its highest figures, while all those who maintained their employment during 2020, and due to restrictions, they spent much less than other years.

Although there are many factors that may have affected spending on Black Friday, it seems that most analysts point out that the shortage of products has resulted in a shortage of offers, and therefore, a reduction in average spending per consumer.

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