Bitter news from Khatai 6 months later: Zakhar’s body was found in the cemetery of orphans

While Yulia Petrova (47 years old) and her child Matvey Gladky (6 years old) died in the Renaissance residence, destroyed in the Antakya district of the city of Hatay as a result of the earthquake in Kahramanmarash on February 6, the funeral of Zakhar Gladka (11 years old), whose relatives failed to receive any news, he was found in cemetery No. 402.

After the Ukrainian-Russian war, Yulia Petrova came to Turkey with her children Matvey Gladkiy and Zakhar Gladkiy (11 years old) and settled in the Renaissance residence, which was sold under the slogan “Corner of the Sky” on Inönü Ekinci Mahallesi Boulevard in Antakya, Hatay. district.

As a result of the earthquakes in Kahramanmarash, the Renaissance residence was also destroyed and became a grave for hundreds of people. The bodies of Yulia Petrova and Matvey Gladky were found, remaining under the rubble. However, it was not possible to contact Zakhar Gladkiy.

For more than half a year his relatives went different ways to find Zakhar Gladky. As a result of strenuous efforts, Zakhar’s body was found at cemetery No. 402 in the Narlıca district of the Antakya region.

Irina and Cengiz Taski


Alona Sevgi Tashchi (23), who lost her mother Irina and father Cengiz Tashchi, her relatives Yuliya Petrova and Matvey Gladka, and finally Zakhara during the earthquake, said: “Zakhara’s grandmother came to Hatay to find him. When he came to the prosecutor’s office, he saw a child similar to Zakhar in the available children’s images. The DNA analysis he did matched Zakhar, although there was a chance it wouldn’t match. Thus, we learned that Zakhar was buried in the cemetery of orphans. “We’re sorry, but now at least we know where he is.”

Declaring that Zakhar would be taken to his hometown, Tashchi said: “Zakhar’s father actually came to Hatay to give DNA. However, we found out where Zakhar is. The body will be delivered to Ukraine. There was also a burial place. Zakhar was found on February 18 and entered into the register as Block A1. But they lived in Block A2. They would have told us if Zakhar had come out. “They didn’t notify us when they were found, probably because the blocks were mixed up,” he said. (DGK)

Date of issue: 14:54, August 29, 2023

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