Bitso expands its offering by listing three new cryptocurrencies

Bitso, the leading exchange platform in Latin America, offers new options for its almost 750 thousand users in Argentina with the addition of three of the most innovative and promising currencies on the market. In total, today they can be purchased through Bitso, At just $ 100, the 15 most popular and highest volume cryptocurrencies.

In the last month, the exchange incorporated three of the most trending currencies in digital markets to your operations:

Aave (AAVE) It is one of the three main De-Fi loan protocols, one of the most chosen because it uses tokens of up to 17 blockchain to earn interest or request loans. It is a loan liquidity market protocol, which allows that instead of users making individual round-trip operations, several users deposit the values ​​in a “vault” of grouped tokens, and in return, receive tokens that represent their share of the group, they have the same value as the underlying asset. Its main attraction, in addition to security and transparency, is that returns (interest) are obtained automatically. Currently, it can be used at Bitso for the Ethereum network.

Chainlink (LINK)meanwhile, it functions as a bridge between off-chain data sources and on-chain data stored on the blockchain – linking real-world data from sites like Google, CoinMarketCap, AccuWeather, Bitso, and other on-chain data applications. like Ethereum smart contracts. In this way, it comes to solve a gap in blockchain smart contracts, with a decentralized and open connection between different types of nodes that comply with different types of smart contracts., to ensure that the data sent to the final smart contract is accurate. Chainlink is independent of blockchains, which means that it is not connected to a specific network, and in Bitso it can be used with Ethereum.

Uniswap (UNI), another prominent and promising decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network, spawns innovations such as “Automated Market Makers”, and was one of the first to employ AMM technology. It works through pools of liquidity, similar to a money vault, where any user can deposit tokens so that everyone can trade without the need for third parties to exchange tokens, thus preserving liquidity. Automated market makers use pools of liquidity to adjust the price of an asset after placing a trade to get the best possible rate, which is why it is called a governance token., because its main use is to vote on protocol changes. UNI can be used in multiple networks.

The three new additions to the diverse offering of digital currencies are part of Bitso’s asset expansion promise and increase diversification options for users. What’s more, strengthen the transparency and solidity of the only regulated platform in the region, with the incorporation of the most advanced technology in the crypto world.

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