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Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is contracted by the bite of a tick that carries the bacteria. Symptoms are usually skin rash, headache, fatigue, fever, and chills.

The main problem with this disease is that, if it is not treated early, it spreads to other areas of the body such as the joints, heart and nervous system. Therefore, the immediate treatment is essential for a proper recovery.

At Biosalud Day Hospital, a center with offices in Madrid and Zaragoza and more than 35 years of experience, they are specialists in Lyme disease and its treatment, understanding the need for speed in action.

The biosalud Zaragoza Opinions are very positive. The patients have experienced a remarkable improvement in the disease and a prosperity in their quality of life.
Reframing the opinion of a client, Biosalud restores hope to its patients.

Many of those who arrive with a rare or complicated illness feel that it is the last option they have, and Biosalud lives up to expectations. It offers them the possibility to improve in a short time.

The care offered to each patient is personalized, taking into account all those that can cause or worsen the disease. These factors can be physiological, environmental or also emotional. Treatments are individualized thanks to the most advanced and competitive technology on the market.

Integrative medicine

In Biosalud Day Hospital they have the most advanced instrumentation for the development of treatments, from the approach of Biological and Integrative Medicine. But what exactly is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine, also known as Biological, uses the enhancement of the person’s own immune system. That is, it is responsible for preparing the body for its own recovery. Integrative Medicine treats the body in an integrative way, and not in isolated areas; hence its name. In this way, they achieve a global recovery and not only in specific areas.

It is not a type of medicine that is exclusive with conventional medicine. Although it can be used separately, the combination of both types is also highly recommended. Integrative Medicine has many supporters, especially due to the rise of trends known as bio. Everything that is natural and organic is more than welcome by many in today’s world.

Services offered by Biosalud Day Hospital

At Biosalud Day Hospital, they have Specialized Units for autoimmune, chronic and infectious diseases. The treatments are always focused from the Regenerative and Integral Medicine mentioned above.

The director of the center is particularly satisfied with the Lyme Disease Unit that the center has. As its diagnosis and treatment are so complicated, at Biosalud Day Hospital take pride in being able to improve the quality of life of so many patients who suffer from this problem.

They have even managed to establish an alliance with one of the most prestigious clinics in relation to Lyme disease, the BCA Clinic. In this way, they help each other and also share protocols for action and treatment.
As the early diagnosis of this disease, as well as its treatment, are essential for a correct progress of the disease and to avoid future complications, clients are very grateful that they are treated on time and their disease conditions are improved.

That is why this center has such good opinions and grateful and satisfied people behind them. When a person no longer knows where to go, and finally finds a clinic willing to help him, it is like a gift from heaven.

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