Binance participated in the 5th Venezuelan Mining meeting

Last weekend, on November 13 and 14 in Venezuela, the 5th Mining Encounter in the city of Maracay, Aragua state, During the event that brought together more than 150 miners from the region, companies linked to the digital mining sector, personalities and entities from the Venezuelan crypto world, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, was present.

In said event that reiterated Venezuela as a cryptocurrency mining power in the region and the world, the Director of Operations for Latin America Bryan benson made an appearance and accompaniment along with Mariangel Garcia, Community manager of Binance in Spanish, and the rest of the Venezuelan team. García, who also stood out for presenting the Binance ecosystem in the conference cycle of the largest crypto event in Venezuela, pointed out that:

“This 5th Meeting of Digital Miners is an event that reiterated that Venezuela is a power in mining, which is evidenced by the presence of companies that are dedicated to promoting the country’s mining field. We are seeing how digital mining and crypto enthusiasts in general are doing. It is something that as Venezuelans makes us feel proud ”.

Along with this, during his presentation in which he highlighted that Binance not only focuses on the buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies but they go beyond that, he also emphasized the mission of the exchange within the region, and described the Binance community in Venezuela in a very positive way:

“We are focused on building and bringing financial freedom to all corners of the world and how people can take advantage of those potentialities. The Binance community in Venezuela is very positive and active ”.

During the event, in addition to the conference, Mariangel García speaking about the Binance Ecosystem; Jack Garzón, spoke about “NFT Bubble or Future”; Leonardo Galíndez, from the Coincoinx company, with the presentation “Break the Fear of the Digital World”; Jesús Aguilar, “Cryptocurrencies an evolution that must be usable”; Daniel Badell, with the presentation “Smart Contracts”; and Freddy Boscán, from CoinCoin, addressed in his speech about “Digital Mining in three steps”.

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