Between Glitter and Transparencies Aleida Núñez Announces ‘Amor De Tres’

Taking advantage of the announcement of her great show, the Mexican actress Aleida Núñez leaves locals and strangers speechless with an intrepid little dress that reveals more

Aleida Núñez intensely captures the spotlight and appears before her fans with a mischievous little golden dress full of glitter and transparency with which, like a true Goddess, she manages to get more than just looks, taking advantage of the announcement of her great show.

And it is that the famous actress of Mexican soap operas has always distinguished herself by finding a way to surprise friends and strangers on social networks while wearing outfits that are too tight for her and leave her speechless in seconds.

It was through her official Instagram account that Aleida Núñez shared with her fans some fascinating photographs in which she shows off her charm in the best possible way while announcing ‘Amor de Tres’, her cabaret show that will take place during the month November at a well-known forum in Mexico City.

This is how the Mexican regional music singer was present at the press conference announcing the musical ‘Amor de Tres’ where she will share the stage with artists such as Ivonne MonteroArturo CarmonaLalo ‘El Mimo’, among others.

So that between glitters and transparencies, Aleida decided to use a great little dress with which she further highlighted her anatomy, getting more than 43 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of the already known red hearts, used to give likes to the Posts from content creators on the famous camera app.

Núñez is one of the actresses who, despite the fact that she can practically make a living from social networks by having more than 3.4 million followers, the truth is that she had the vision to take her artistic talent further and is a businesswoman with her own brand In addition to leggings, she continues to act in soap operas and now the musical project.

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