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As a special year-end edition, the editorial team presents the most outstanding digital content from MSP.

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December 31, 2022 | | Reading time: 4 min

#MSP: The place where doctors, health professionals and patients can enter. Photo: Medicine and Public Health Magazine.

Audiovisual content continues to be the leading format and one of the most widely accepted in the digital community of the Medicine and Public Health Magazine. This year the majority of users connected with testimonial stories, interviews about scientific research and medical events held in Puerto Rico.

Below we present the five most outstanding videos of 2022 for their journalistic quality, relevance to the medical community and digital interest that translates into the interaction generated by the content.

In May of this year, Dr. Carlos Mellado, Puerto Rico’s current Secretary of Health, released his shocking testimony on living with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that has no cure and can be disabling.

The doctor shared his moving story in an exclusive interview for the Medicine and Public Health Magazinebecoming an example of overcoming and resilience in the face of this chronic disease that has a high prevalence on the Island.

The revelation about minimally invasive surgeries is an achievement that many patients have experienced in Puerto Rico, without the need to be exposed to typical complications of conventional surgeries.

Regarding these new alternatives, in the first quarter of the year, Dr. Rafael Santini, a vascular surgeon at the San Lucas Episcopal Center in Ponce, reported in an interview with Dr. Oscar Soto Raíces, the details of an unprecedented procedure with an endovascular method used to pararenal aneurysm repair.

In commemoration of World Rabies Day celebrated on September 28, the Medicine and Public Health Magazine shared a documentary video of a Russian patient infected with rabies from an animal bite. In the video, she looks at his last days after presenting the clinical signs.

It is important to mention that rabies is treatable with post-exposure prophylaxis, but once neurological symptoms appear, that is, when the virus has reached the brain or spinal cord, it is almost always lethal 30 to 50 days after the bite.

Health Experts is one of MSP’s most celebrated and successful programs. In this special on diabetes and prediabetes, four Puerto Rican experts in the management of this condition addressed the main risk factors, symptoms, and treatments available to patients.

This important journalistic piece was recorded from the MegaTV studios in Puerto Rico, moderated by Dr. Oscar Soto Raíces and Lcda. Wanda Gonzalez.

In November of this year, the Bayamón Heart & Lung Institute inaugurated new cardiovascular and thoracic surgery rooms and a new cardiovascular intensive unit, to provide better services to patients with heart disease.

This important event for the strengthening of the country’s medical community had outstanding coverage by the MSP Magazine. The digital community was able to see the new technological facilities live and see a surgical procedure in real time, from the Bayamón Heart and Lung Institute, performed on a patient who arrived with an acute myocardial infarction.

By 2023, the Medicine and Public Health Magazine It will continue to present facts of interest through multimedia content that promotes education among the medical community, professionals, and patients.

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