Best Dinner Food: “It’s very low in calories.” What to Avoid During Your Last Meal / EXCLUSIVE

Wasim Nazer, a nutritionist, told Spectacola what is the most suitable food for dinner, as well as what should be avoided during the last meal.

Nutritionist Vasim Nazer was a guest of Georgiana Ionita-Toader in the new edition of the Beauty Pill show, where he talked about the biggest mistakes we can make in nutrition. Among other topics, the specialist also talked about what food is most suitable for dinner, as well as what should be avoided during the last meal.

Best food for dinner

“In the evening, it’s good to eat soups, soups or something like that. Usually people eat soup for lunch, but I prefer to eat it in the evening. If we are talking about soup and soup, then it is very low in calories, you can also eat a slice of bread, especially if it contains meat. In addition to that, it also makes you hungry because it has fat in it.

If you go to bed at 10 pm, you won’t be able to stop eating anything from 6 pm. There are also people who work at night, you can’t forbid them to eat anything after 6 o’clock. Preferably do not eat anything three to four hours before bedtime. It is not advisable to eat something more fatty, but both bread and soup are ideal. Or a low-protein salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken breast, fish, tuna, in general, with a little protein to last for several hours. If you are very hungry, you can eat yogurt with lots of lemon. said nutritionist Wasim Nzer.

The most dangerous breakfast

Nutritionist Wasim Nazer said that a bowl of milk and cereal is a real calorie bomb, and all because cereal contains a lot of sugar. He wanted to warn all parents who prefer their children to have porridge with milk early in the morning. A nutritionist claims that excess sugar can even lead to diabetes, regardless of age.

“A bowl of milk and cereal is a calorie bomb that we give kids in the morning. You don’t go and give your child a cigarette, you give him porridge with milk, which is worse than a cigarette. In fact, you give your child sugar from the first hour and there is nothing good in these cereals. about 70% of people eat cereal in the morning. In vain you write on the box that it contains vitamin B1, B5, these are added. The grains we eat are absolutely miserable. Basically, you give a child something like that to teach him to get fat, eat sugar, after two or three hours he needs sugar again, because the insulin in his body keeps going up and down.

The amount of sugar you eat goes into your body, the body produces insulin, which drops quickly, and then you feel the need to eat something. If you are a child, you go and eat a chocolate bar because you feel the need for sugar, and insulin levels rise again. Over time, this problem leads to diabetes. Many children developed diabetes. Previously, porridge with milk was not eaten at the first meal. We ate cheese, eggs, everything that was in the house,” explained nutritionist Vasim Nazer.

What does a nutritionist recommend for breakfast?

“It is very important that in the morning we eat foods with fat, such as butter, eggs, cheese, cheese, any fatty cheese. We should never eat foods that have had the fat removed. When you want to go on a diet, you never eat low fat foods. When you eat fat, it stays in your stomach much longer than if you didn’t have it. Digestion instead of 40 minutes can last an hour, it can keep you going for two hours and makes you feel hungry. If you also didn’t consume sugar, you have no reason for such an insulin rush. In conclusion, for breakfast, you need to eat eggs, cheese, a piece of bread does not hurt, especially for children, Greek yogurt, cream. The fatter it is, the more useful it is for the body and does not let you get hungry. For example, margarine is not recognized by our body. Our grandparents ate lard on bread, were healthy, full of energy and worked in the fields all day long. There were not so many overweight people at that time. And the children were thin and ate butter with homemade jam, something normal. What they consume these days is not normal. You will not see children eat cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, eggs in the morning. And when you fry the egg in the morning, fry it in butter.

Breakfast, if divided by percentages, theoretically we will eat 30% of the calories in the morning. Somewhere around 35% we eat in the afternoon, 15% we have a snack and 10% remains the last meal,” the specialist explained.

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