Belinda would be preparing a millionaire lawsuit against Christian Nodal

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the relationship they had Belinda Y Christian Nodal He continues to give something to talk about because after several months of keeping quiet about the reasons for their separation, the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be” shared a capture photo of a conversation where he showed that it was true that he supported her financiallybut now it would be revealed that the green-eyed already she would be preparing her team of lawyers to initiate a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend.

Said information was given by the YouTube channel, “Shocked“, conducted by Jorge Carbajal and Felipe Cruzwho assured that Belinda’s family already has a body of lawyers to initiate such demand.

Belinda and her family, her parents, would already be discussing with lawyers the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Christian Nodal for moral damagesCarbajal commented.

Supposedly the 32-year-old singer would be about to sue Nodal for moral damages after having published some messages that they both had a few months ago and that were private.

Therefore, Belida’s image would have been damaged after such information was displayed, that is why she would have made the decision to proceed legally supported by her family and lawyers against Christian Nodal.

Belinda allegedly suffered physical violence by Christian Nodal

Among the revelations that Jorge Carbajal would have made is one where it is noted that Belinda would have suffered physical violence by Christian Nodal and possibly this would also be exposed in said lawsuit.

There are also very strong rumors that the relationship was at such a level of wear and tear that Nodal is said to have hit Belinda.… They say there are videos of all kinds of things, including what violent, the drug addict, and that there are videos where he is even so violent that he even hit Belinda’s puppyCarbajal commented.

Belinda would be asking for favors from her political friends

In addition to the fact that she would be looking for her political contacts so that they begin to uncover situations in which the famous person is involved, without caring that it could end his career.

“Belinda has very good friends in Mexican politics and is already making use of her contacts, so that they begin to discover little things about Nodal, which can be all kinds of things, starting with the subject of the aforementioned fraud with the labelSo, if they start to investigate, to get rags out of him, they could even end Nodal’s career, they say things are at that level,” said Carbajal.

The communicator also revealed that the Mexican regional singer should be careful because in the coming months more scandals could come against him.

They say that if she legally manages the level of personality that is the moral damage that caused her and everything that publicly affected her worldwide, she can ask for millions of euros“.

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