Belinda breaks the silence and reveals if she wants to work with Danna Paola

Belinda surprised when talking about Danna Paola after a long time. And it is that in a meeting with the press, the 33-year-old singer revealed if she would like to collaborate with the protagonist of “Elite“Well, it has been said for a long time that they would work on a new song, however, to this day there have been no details about what the plans are or why they were cancelled. In this way, the actress originally from Spain He stole the attention of his phatics by coming clean in front of the cameras.

Dana and Belinda have been targetedand rumors about their alleged enmity, since both are icons for the new generations. They both have similar careers, Well, they began as child actresses in telenovelas on Televisa Niños, and at the same time they had an outstanding career as singers that they still maintain. Against this background, speculation arose that they could have a rivalry, so now the star’s statement was surprised “Welcome to Eden.”

Belinda reveals if she will work with Danna Paola

In an interview for windowing, The actress, who a few months ago ended her relationship with Christian Nodal in the midst of controversy, indicated that she has nothing against her partner, and that on the contrary, he has observed her and likes her work very much. “A Danna Paola I admire her a lotI think she is a very talented, hard-working woman. I admire her too much I always wish him the best.” answered about his alleged rivalry with the interpreter of “Bad Fame” and “Hey Pablo”.

Beli, as her fans affectionately call her, assured that if no song with Danna Paola has been released, it is because they have not been able to accommodate their schedules, since the two are very busy both in music and in acting: “I would love to, of course, why not? I love collaborating with women. We’ve both been minding our own business, busy, but if there is a collaboration in the future and that it be something that excites us both, that inspires us, Of course yes”.

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that the actresses will share credits in a play. According to the producer Alexander Gou I would reunite them in the musical of “Heavy Girls“(Mean Girls, in English), because both Danna and Belinda said yes, however, she still had to get the rights to the story that became well known thanks to the movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

However, for a couple of years it was said that Beli and the actress who gave life to “Duckling” in “Dare to dream” iThey were going to do a collaboration, which never happened. According to the 27-year-old artist’s own words, on some occasion she was going to work with the singer of “Boba Niña Nice” but in the end she said “no”, despite this, Danna Paola understood the reasons and left Of course they don’t have a rivalry.

Danna Paola and Belinda have no rivalry Photo: Special

On that occasion, the protagonist of telenovelas such as “Maria BelenHe said he doesn’t understand why They always want to put them to compete, especially after they wore the same outfit for a video and the other for their music promotion. “There are no exclusivities,” said Danna, who also mentioned that anyone who wants to can buy the outfit that she and Beli posed for and there is nothing wrong with it.


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