Before moving to Mexico, Alejandra Espinoza will undergo cosmetic surgery

A few weeks ago we told you that the actress Alejandra Espinoza She will debut as a leading actress in the new project that producer Salvador Mejía is preparing for Televisa. However, before embarking on this new adventure, the beautiful model revealed that undergo cosmetic surgeryThis is due to the health problems he has recently had.

During an interview for the programto Salt and Pepper the presenter of Our Latin Beauty, shared that breast implants will be removed, since since he changed them two years ago, he has suffered severe problems, like those who lived in early October when his face froze and he partially lost sight in one of his eyes, a situation that fortunately is already under control.

And it is that according to Espinoza, the new implants could be the cause that your health is being so affected, Reason enough for him to decide to withdraw them: “In 2010 when I underwent reduction surgery, they put implants on me and I was perfectly fine for 10 years. (Since) 2 years ago I changed them, I come with health problems that I did not have before ”, said.

Alejandra Espinoza surgery

Although she does not know if these situations are really connected, the actress prefers not to take risks and in the next month of December she will enter the operating room, before moving to Mexico and starting with the recordings of the telenovela: “I still don’t know what happened to me. I keep doing tests, I keep seeing doctors, I keep doing a bit of everything, but I’m going to have surgery because it’s like one of the things that I’m going to rule out and that is breast implant illness”, explained.

The former beauty queen also revealed that she feels extremely excited about the new challenge in her life and revealed that this lead came to her in a very unconventional way, since she did not have to do any casting and only a talk with the famous producer was enough. Televisa to confirm that he would lead the cast of Corazón Guerrero, a novel that begins recording early next year.

Alejandra Espinoza actress

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