Before meeting with party leaders, Emmanuel Macron called Jordan Bardella

BFMTV INFO – Emmanuel Macron joined the leader of the National Rally ahead of this Wednesday’s meeting with the political forces of Parliament. Jordan Bardella discussed with him a possible referendum on immigration and the issue of purchasing power.

Quick call to round corners. According to BFMTV, Emmanuel Macron picked up the phone last Thursday to contact Jordan Bardella.

On the menu of this fifteen-minute conversation: the “massive initiative” desired by the head of state, which will take the form of a meeting this Wednesday at the school of the Legion of Honor Saint-Denis with all political forces. in parliament.

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A real symbol for National Rally boss Jordan Bardella, who passed his bachelor’s degree exams at a prestigious university, as they recall Parisian. This itinerary should allow many topics to be covered through the school, from purchasing power to the Niger crisis. The president even discussed the possibility of organizing referendums.

What hope to try to ease the pressure three weeks before the return of deputies to the National Assembly and the future budget debates in the fall, which promise to be chaotic, a relative majority obliges.

The advantage of this maneuver also lies in the tact of the movement: initially the Élysée did not want to invite the RN, nor did La France insoumise.

Immigration referendum unlikely

The president of the far-right party used this conversation with the tenant of the Elysee Palace to push the idea of ​​a referendum on immigration and security issues. Thus, the MEP spoke to Emmanuel Macron in detail about his trip to the police stations after the riots in order to convince him.

However, the option of holding major immigration consultations remains highly hypothetical. Despite Elizabeth Bourne’s opposition and after many upheavals, the immigration bill is due to be presented to the National Assembly in the coming months.

However, Marine Le Pen’s group at the Palais Bourbon can count on Republican number one request Eric Ciotti, who will be pushing the same idea at the negotiating table this Wednesday.

The former presidential candidate’s right-hand man’s second request: a referendum on purchasing power. RN, which has made the fight against inflation one of the pillars of its election campaign in 2022, may once again put forward one of its main proposals: the temporary abolition of VAT on 100 essential goods.

“Serious Exchange”

Until now, management has always brushed off this idea. “We will never take it back because consumers will never see its colors. Distributors will reclaim their profits,” Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire opined at the LCI in April 2022.

“It was a serious exchange,” however, the judge is related to Jordan Bardella.

The President’s gesture, which was the first to fall on the message service of the President of the Republic of Russia, who still did not have Emmanuel Macron’s direct number, was all the more powerful because the others were not called.

Speaking to BFMTV, La France insoumise national coordinator Manuel Bompard and communist leader Fabien Roussel said they were not contacted by the head of state. Not sure Wednesday’s meeting will smooth things over: Nupes announced he wants to boycott the dinner that follows.

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