Before exercising in these temperatures, you have to read this

Now that the warm temperatures have arrived, it is normal that we feel like spending time outdoors, taking advantage of the parks, the swimming pools or the paths for walking or cycling. These physical activities can be a lot of fun and beneficial as long as we take into account some factors that will help us to exercise outdoors safely this summer.

Not only do we have to pay attention to hydration, crucial when it comes to avoiding dizziness or heat stroke, it is also important to pay attention to the hours at which we go out to play sports. Sébastien Borreani, Head of Fit Jeff, with several sports centers in Madrid, invites everyone not to stop train in summer: «People tend to disconnect from all routine activities and stop exercising, but there are many options to continue training and each one can find the option that best suits their tastes and needs».

Both for those who prefer to train in a center and those who, given the good weather, prefer outdoors, there are multiple options that adapt to all needs. In fact, at Fit Jeff, in addition to being able to enjoy Yoga, Pilates and Functional classes at your acclimatized centeryou can also follow the online classes from anywhere: your living room with your family, from the beach, etc.

Of course, those who prefer to train outdoors it is essential that they follow a series of expert advice. For example, would you train in the summer in the same tights that you wear for your winter workouts? Probably not, so Sébastien encourages us to resort to “light clothing” in the hottest hours, and in case of prolonged contact with the sun, “cover the areas that will not be able to receive sun protection.”

What hours do I train?

Each person has schedules throughout the day: there are those who work from early in the morning, others whose working day begins in the mid-afternoon or even at night, so the sporting moment has to fit into the rest of the schedules. In summer, it could be said that things get complicated because there are times when you have to avoid training.

“In summer we should avoid the hottest hours outside, mainly between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.,” warns the creator of Fit Jezz. In the case of doing physical activity outdoors, in that time slot “it is important to look for spaces protected from the sun as much as possible, hydrate frequently and apply sunscreen.” You can also resort to activities in the aquatic environment such as walking or doing strength exercises in the water, it does not necessarily have to be swimming.

And, of course, it is ideal to exercise in centers with adequate ventilation during the hottest hours. «In the case of pregnancy, any situation that generates a risk of hyperthermia and dehydration», he points out.

Just as important is hydration. We all know that you have to drink water throughout the day -there are foods that give us a very good amount of water too, especially fruit and vegetables-, but keeping hydrated in summer It is even more important if possible because there is a greater risk of dehydration. “For adequate hydration, it is essential to do it frequently in small doses and to do it before you feel thirsty, since when you feel thirsty it means that the body is already dehydrated,” advises Sébastien Borreani.

In addition, as Dr. Débora Nuevo Ejeda, from the Internal Medicine Service of the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, reminds us, our body is made up of 60% water: «When we sweat, we lose liquid and mineral salts, which if we do not replace them properly, we can suffer symptoms such as headache, dizziness, cramps… Some of these effects could have severe consequences.” Hence, as an alert, “identifying the health problems that heat causes is vital to take the appropriate measures.”

So, avoid the hottest hours of the day to exercise, choose warm clothing, protect yourself from the sun and be perfectly hydrated, having a bottle of water nearby while the activity ensures a good time of sports with optimal results.

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