Bee Venom: Alternative Medicine in Sudan

December 27, 2022 at 1:43 PM

From inside his small shop in a souk in the center of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, Abdullah Al-Sarraj has made bee stings an “effective and rapid treatment” for people suffering from chronic illnesses.

In the shop with his signature buzz, Hamza grabs a pair of tongs and gets to work on the bees. He says that bee treatment is mentioned in the Qur’an and that everything that comes out of the bees stomach is curative, including honey and wax, but claims that even the venom from its sting can heal.

He says that he uses the sting of bees to treat ailments by inserting it into specific places on the patient’s body depending on the disease being treated, adding that the “stings relax the nerves.” Al-Sarraj is considered one of the oldest therapists in this type of alternative medicine in Khartoum.

Bee venom contains “a treatment for about 140 diseases, because it contains organic, non-chemical, medicinal substances that do not cause side effects,” Al-Sarraj says. This information has not been confirmed by impartial medical sources.

According to Al-Sarraj, bee venom is a “liquid secretion that emanates from acid glands located at the back of the bee’s body.” He stated that they continued to use it to treat malaria. “We treat rheumatism, dry fluid between the joints and kneecaps, migraines, irritable bowel and tonsillitis.”

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