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Learn the best commands you can ask Google Assistant.

There are plenty of things you can ask Google Assistant to do, so let’s get right to the point. Here is a list of 73 “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” commands, adapted to our environment based on the recommendations of “The Ambient”, a site that reviews technology.

We start with 5 of the most basic Home commands:

  1. “Ok Google, help/stop.”
  2. “Hey Google, play [título de la canción] of [artista] from Spotify/YouTube.
  3. “Hey Google, turn the sound up/down.”
  4. “Hey Google, what time is it?”
  5. “Hey Google, add apples to my shopping list.”

Here are 15 general queries and commands:

  1. “Hey Google, is McDonald’s open today?”
  2. “Ok Google, search for Teach me about Science on Facebook”
  3. “Ok Google, is there an Italian restaurant around here?”
  4. “Ok Google, how many calories are in a taco?”
  5. “Ok Google, flip a coin.”
  6. “Hey Google, how’s the weather today?”
  7. “Ok Google, when is it going to rain?”
  8. “Hey Google, what’s the traffic like on the way to work?”
  9. “Ok Google, what are today’s headlines?”
  10. “Ok Google, did the [equipo] Yesterday?”
  11. “Hey Google, how do you say hello in French?”
  12. “Ok Google, how do you prepare ceviche?”
  13. “Ok Google, how much is 100 dollars in Mexican pesos?”
  14. “Hey Google, how do you solve an algebraic equation?”
  15. “Hey Google, spell the word overcoming.”

Here are 15 commands for Google Assistant smart home control:

  1. “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom light.”
  2. “Hey Google, turn the kitchen lights to 50%.”
  3. “Hey Google, dim the lights in the living room.”
  4. “Hey Google, light up the lamp in the office.”
  5. “Hey Google, turn the living room lights blue”
  6. “Hey Google, put Stranger Things on Netflix.”
  7. “Hey Google, play The Crown on TV.”
  8. “Hey Google, set the thermostat to 20 degrees.”
  9. “Ok Google, turn up the temperature three degrees.”
  10. “Ok Google, what’s the temperature right now?”
  11. “Ok Google, turn on all the switches.”
  12. “Ok Google, close the front door.”
  13. “Hey Google, open the blinds.”
  14. “Hey Google, show me the rear camera.”
  15. “Ok Google, open the door.”

Here are 5 commands on setting timers and alarms:

  1. “Hey Google, set a timer for 10 minutes.”
  2. “Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:15am tomorrow.”
  3. “Hey Google, cancel/snooze the 7:15 alarm.”
  4. “Hey Google, do I have any alarms set?”
  5. “Hey Google, set a second timer for 30 minutes.”

Here are 7 calendar and reminder queries:

  1. “Hey Google, do I have something scheduled for Friday?”
  2. “Ok Google, where is my first event tomorrow?”
  3. “Hey Google, remind me tomorrow at 8am to bring my lunch to work.”
  4. “Hey Google, what are my reminders for this week?”
  5. “Hey Google, delete my reminder to pick up my dry cleaners.”
  6. “Ok Google, remember I left the spare keys in the kitchen cabinet.”
  7. “Ok Google, where did I put the spare keys?”

Here are 7 phone and call commands:

  1. “Hey Google, call Elizabeth.”
  2. “Ok Google, call the nearest coffee shop.”
  3. “Ok Google, hang up.”
  4. “Ok Google, dial again.”
  5. “Ok Google, Bluetooth pairing.”
  6. “Hey Google, is my phone connected via Bluetooth?”
  7. “Ok Google, call my phone.”

Here are 15 commands to control music, podcasts, radio, and audiobooks:

  1. “Ok Google, put on some hip hop.”
  2. “Ok Google, put something of Luis Miguel”.
  3. “Hey Google, play music from Spotify.”
  4. “Hey Google, skip this track.”
  5. “Ok Google, play my Evening Jazz playlist.”
  6. “Hey Google, stop the music in 15 minutes.”
  7. “Hey Google, what’s this song?”
  8. “Ok Google, play some ambient noise”
  9. “Hey Google, help me relax.”
  10. “Ok Google, pause the music.”
  11. “Ok Google, stop the music.”
  12. “Ok Google, move on to the next chapter.”
  13. “Hey Google, read Cosmos.”
  14. “Hey Google, how much time is left on this chapter?”
  15. “Ok Google, move my music to the bedroom”

Here are 4 commands for children:

  1. “Hey Google, what does an elephant sound like?”
  2. “Hey Google, set a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle alarm for 8am.”
  3. “Hey Google, read a bedtime story.”
  4. “Hey Google, sing a lullaby.”

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