Beautiful (and relaxing) wind turbines

By @Alvy — November 21, 2022

Taking advantage of the fact that wind generation in Spain set a new record yesterday with 20.6 simultaneous GW, to celebrate it, I leave here a beautiful video of snowy wind turbines with whom I have come across today. It is recorded with a DJI Minipro 3 by SpeedFreakLS1. The music is Escape by Rameses B.

As who says, a whole beautiful sunny and calm morning in a small wind farm, after a good snowfall. You have to see it in 4K, which has some curious details and good shots, almost cinematic.

I take advantage of the fact that things are about wind turbines to upload this time lapse that they sent us some time ago from Nabrawind, a Spanish high-tech company that is dedicated, among other things, to the installation of wind turbines. In this case, it is a wind tower on the Oualidia farm, in Morocco. It turns out to be for the moment the highest on the African continentwith a total height of 144 meters.

The interesting thing about the Nabrawind technique is that the base on which the main mast rises makes the turbine gain tens of meters in height, to reach where the winds are most powerful, with the consequent increase in efficiency by generating more Energy. Another of its interesting devices is the so-called BladeRunner, a system for hoisting wind blades to a great height without the need for large-tonnage cranes, simplifying the process. In this video and in the one of the snow-covered wind turbines you can see what the bushingswhich are the pieces with which the blades and the rotor fit together.


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