Barcelona thrashed and Erazo scored last goal with the ‘idol’ shirt

Due to the friendly commitment between the Friends of Frickson Erazo and Barcelona Sporting Club, he left many sensations and rebirths, in addition to a result of 1-8.

7 & # 39; After a corner kick, the Paraguayan Williams Riveros, at the angle, scored the first goal of the match, from the air game.

30 & # 39; a play by Michael Sotos and Gabriel Cortez, who from outside the box threw a hat-style shot, and I scored the second goal of the match.

31 ‘Luis Fernando Saritama, after finding the ball in the area, after several rebounds, and put the discount of the match.

41 & # 39; a play that was born from the right by Cortez, who put a cross for Gonzalo Mastriani who closes very well, and heads the third of his team.

62 ” Pepe ‘Madrid opens his right arm, so Augusto Aragón dictates a penalty kick, the same as from 12 steps, Frickson Erazo, with a great left-foot at the angle, I put the 1-4.

70 & # 39; Wilmer Ayoví lowers the ball perfectly, and takes a shot to put the fifth goal of the game. Seconds later, Edwin Valencia takes the ball in a shot by the goalkeeper of the Friends of Frickson Erazo, and puts the 1-6.

81 & # 39; After the defense of the Friends of Frickson Erazo team was exposed, Jonathan Perlaza took advantage of the freedom and won with a strong shot for 1-7.

85 & # 39; Emmanuel Martínez entered the area, and also had the chance in the friendly and put the 1-8. There were five minutes left until the end of the commitment, but Augusto Aragón decided to finish it, after the result that was obtained.

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