Barack Obama’s message to the Warriors after winning the 2022 NBA Finals

NBA Finals

On the heels of winning the 2022 NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors and earning his first MVP, Stephen Curry received a call from Barack Obama.

Barack Obama with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.
© Win McNamee/Getty ImagesBarack Obama with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals 2022 and got his fourth ring in eight seasons. Stephen Currywho finally received his first Finals MVP, received an immediate call after the consecration by his friend and former president of the USA, Barack Obama.

The 44th president and the Warriors point guard have had a close relationship over the years. Starting with the typical ceremony, after the Golden State rings in 2015 (as of 2016, Donald Trump was the POTUS). Now both of us they have played golf together several times over the years, with Obama even praising Steph for her skill with the sticks.

It is already known that Barack has a great fanaticism for sports and basketball. It is because of and because of the kind of friendship they have, which did not take a second after the sixth game of the 2022 NBA Finals to call to Chef and congratulate him for the ring and his first Finals MVP.

Barack Obama congratulates Curry and the Warriors

A video of Steph speaking with Obama circulated on the networks, where a, “I can only say that we are going to play golf soon”from Steph. get a call from him and being able to hear their sense of pride and congratulations meant the world. It’s all a bit surreal…”, Curry told Malika Andrews of ESPN after revealing that he received the call.

In addition, Obama congratulated the team via Twitter: “With four championships in eight years, the @Warriors leave no doubt as to their place as one of the great dynasties of the NBA. Congratulations to Finals MVP, Steph, Draymond, Klay, Coach Kerr and the rest of Dub Nation for their sustained excellence.”

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