Bankaool joins Aras and Actinver crisis

Chihuahua— The Chihuahuan Bankaool was placed as the bank with the lowest Capitalization Index (Icap) among the 50 institutions of the national banking system, which adds to the financial crisis of the entity that has been reflected in the cases of Aras and Actinver .

Although it raised its Icap, which reached the lowest limit at the beginning of this year, due to the liquidation of a bank ordered by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNVB), now Bankaool registered the lowest level of capitalization of all institutions .

With an Icap of 12.84 percent, when the average of the national bank is located at 18.44 percent, the Chihuahuan institution also added losses of 82 million pesos between September 2020 and the same month of this year, while operating expenses increased. from 210 to 278 million pesos.

According to the latest public report from the CNBV, the red flags in the Chihuahuan institution continue to appear. The Icap is the result of the division of the company’s net capital between the assets subject to risk, so the indicator measures the capacity of each bank to meet its commitments while keeping its operation stable.

The minimum capitalization requirement established by the CNBV is 8 percent plus the capital conservation supplement of 2.5 percent constituted with fundamental capital, which implies an Icap level of 10.50 percent. This measure is the minimum.

In March of this year, Bankaool’s Icap reached its lowest level, with 10.53 percent, just above the allowed regulation; it rose to 12.44 percent in April and began to decline again to 12.18 percent and 12.03 percent until June.

At the end of September, according to the Statistical Bulletin issued this month by the banking authority and which measures the August Icap, Bankaool’s Icap had risen to 12.84 percent.

However, despite the apparent improvement, the Chihuahuan institution was the worst in this indicator, after Accendo Banco closed in recent months and a substantial improvement of ABC Capital, which were the lowest in the capitalization requirement.

In addition to the ICAP, other red flags have emerged in the report of results that Bankaool delivers to the national banking authority and that are subject to audits.

Lose capital

According to the official reports of the Chihuahuan bank, the administration and operating expenses in September 2020 were 210 million pesos, but they rose to 278 million pesos, that is, 32 percent more, in the same month of this 2021.

In addition, its liquidity is also compromised. The item of the availability that it has guaranteed was 198 million pesos last year, while in the current one it is 88 million pesos.

Bankaool’s overdue loan portfolio, although apparently very low, shows a growth of almost six times between September 2020 and 2021, as it went from 4 million pesos to 26 million pesos, at least in the official report, because unofficially Versions grow that you are facing problems with a much larger portfolio.

Additionally, the Delinquency Index (Imor), which in 2020 was 0.1 percent, has risen to 0.6 percent.

Thus, the result of its operation has remained in the red. In September 2020 it lost 66 million pesos and in the same month of 2021 the losses were 33 million pesos, 50 percent less in losses, but also with negative results.

Bankaool claims to have around 40 thousand investors in the entity and other parts of the country, but its collection has barely grown from 4,012 million pesos to 4 thousand 328 million pesos, that is, 316 million pesos in a year, just 26 million pesos per month.

Uncertainty from Bankaool joins Actinver and Aras

Bankaool’s red numbers add to the uncertainty that finance companies have caused in Chihuahua in recent months, as a result of a fraud reported in Actinver, which operates as a bank and brokerage firm, and Aras, an investment promotion company.

Actinver faces complaints for a scam that could reach 400 million pesos, which is why a complaint has been filed with the Attorney General of the Republic and another with the Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) .

The cases are different. Bankaool and Actinver operate under the regulation of the National Banking and Securities Commission, while Aras does so under the figure of Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión (SAPI).

Of the complaints against Actinver, only the one filed by an affected person, Manuel Araujo Hernández, whose lawyer, Federico Basauri, had made known the formal complaints about theft that occurred in this company specialized in banking and stock market operations has been publicly disclosed.

In this case, according to the complaint, the affected person’s account was used to receive deposits for almost 100 million pesos and investment instructions were generated in the Stock Market for as many millions, without his client giving authorization to do so. Your saved resources were also affected.

“The affected person’s account was used to receive deposits from other clients scammed by Actinver whose accounts were emptied between 2015 and 2021, but Actinver did not even react when detecting the problem, until the investors themselves claimed they realized it that there was a millionaire embezzlement, ”published El Diario, based on the complaint, on November 7.

To date, Actinver has only accused its former director in Chihuahua, Gonzalo Luis FA, who is currently missing, but there could be more people involved in the company.

In the case of Aras, there are already five criminal complaints for fraud that have been filed with the State Attorney General’s Office, after the company stopped paying returns to those who had their capital invested in the firm.

The financial company, through its spokespersons, has justified the problem with a supposedly temporary lack of liquidity, amid versions of a bankruptcy that has been officially denied.

Extends Aras solution of lack of liquidity

The company Aras Bussines Group extended its forecast for up to six more months to solve the flow problem in the payment of dividends from its investors, according to the statement that is displayed on the portal of the Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión (SAPI).

While René Vargas, official spokesperson for Aras, reported that the company temporarily closed the open office in the tourist area on December 17, 2020, at Plaza Azuna Local 1408, as a strategy in this contingency stage; He assured the associates that he would soon occupy a new address in that town.

“It is worth mentioning that the problem of the flow in the payment of dividends is projected to be resolved in a period of three to six months,” says the company’s statement, dated November 10 of this year.

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