Bank v ter starts the MOL Cup – FC Bank Ostrava

On Tuesday, the Bank also hosted the MOL Cup. Svenchi by Pavel Khapal will start the second round at 18:00 in nearby Khlun.

Saving in Hlun is a window tradition because there are a number of bull runs on the home team and Bank Psoba coach. And it’s the same now: Domko-tetiligist leads in pair with Filip Smkale in the recent tour of Banka Ondej Smetana, and at least the bankers played a lot of games. Hlun after those rounds MSFL has 10 points and has not lost yet, in this place he is slightly ahead of the Reserve Bank. In addition, the favorite should take into account that last year there was a sensational “Plze” here, and two years ago I was promoted here and then renewed.

The bank also uses dal in the savings rotation, and I’m learning how to play the card. Decide for us. And as for the program, and the state of health of some players. Probably to tell him that Marco Cuba will be catching, that’s why he went to BKO on Saturday. But these changes will be taken for granted. This does not change our goal, which means reaching the next round,” said coach Pavel Khapal. Ji Klma, David Liska, Eldar Ehi, Ladislav Takch and Filip Black will be injured outside the game.

Pre-sale of the match today at the secretariat of FC Hlun from 8:00 to 18:00. The match will also be available on the ivm webcast, which will be broadcast on Tuesday from 18:00 by FAR’s own TV channel on the streaming platform.

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