Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t kill Butir and Grukko

While playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you will most likely encounter random encounters in a large and very responsive world. Such a situation that players may encounter occurs as a random encounter in the early stages of the game: Bugbear and Ogress meet randomly. Your interference may anger them and you may have to fight and kill them. If you don’t want this situation, let us tell you how to avoid Baldur’s Gate 3 without killing Butir and Grukko.

Baldur’s Gate 3 What to do in order not to kill Butir and Grukko?

Butira and Grukko can be found taking care of each other in a barn on the northern border of the Infested Village. If you close the door they will attack you for disturbing them and you will have to fight. However, players have found some methods that can be used to avoid killing them.

Don’t go to the barn

BG3 For gamers, this is a pretty obvious method. If you never go to the barn, you won’t end up in such an awkward situation and you won’t have to kill them this way. Don’t go to the barn because there are no quests or anything.

Calm things down with a conversation

Another way not to kill Butir and Grukko in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to talk. After all, a sweet tongue pulls even a snake out of a hole, right? The conversation that starts before the war allows you to calm the situation and convince them that you don’t want to hurt anyone. If everything is done correctly, they will be able to safely leave this place and return to their entertainment. Depending on your class, if you pass the skill check, you can also get witty and contextual dialogue options to help calm them down.

Flight from war

If a war has started and you don’t want a war, you can leave the barn. You can slow them down and make them dissipate by using spells like Web or Lesser Illusion to get away. You can blind them and leave. After about 27 meters, you can end the firefight by pressing the back button. You will not receive any rewards if you avoid combat. However, your conscience will be clear: you did not kill two lovers.

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