Baby Aliyah Fuentes Lover from Gainesville is murdered in her family’s clothing business in Salvatierra, Guanajuato | Univision 34 Atlanta WUVG

Atlanta Georgia.- Aliyah Fuentes Amante, a 7-month-old babydied last week when a gunman entered his family’s clothing business in Guanajuato starting a shootout against those who were present. One of the shots hit the baby in the head.

The incident occurred on June 13 in the city of Salvatierra, Guanajuato. The baby traveled with her mother, Cruz Amante and her grandmother, who travel to Mexico twice a year to sell clothes they buy in the United States.

“She was always the happiest angel and never wanted to be alone. She brought us joy and many memories that are unforgettable, she will always remain in our hearts,” Aliyah’s aunt, Jackie Amante, posted.

The family lives in Gainesville, where the youngest was born. This week they will return home to bury Aliyah after her family in Mexico said goodbye to her.

The seconds of terror of the armed attack in Guanajuato

Marcela León, Aliyah’s grandmother, told Jensser Morales the seconds of terror they experienced. The attack occurred during a broadcast on Facebook Live in which she promoted her products for sale.

“I only remember one detonation that was very close to my head. When I heard that detonation, we all fell to the ground and started screaming. I only held my head because I thought we were all going to die that day,” Marcela León, Aliyah’s grandmother, told Jensser Morales.

“We realized that the baby was very ill… The baby was bleeding very, very, very much. We were all in shock and didn’t know what to do,” León said. “The baby was still alive, she was crying on the way, but shortly before she arrived, she stopped crying. When the doctor was seeing her, she started losing her color,” Marcela said.

Aliyah’s family now asks that the US justice intervene in the investigation because They fear that the case will go unpunished.

About the suspect in the death of the baby, it was announced that they are looking for a man nicknamed “El Patas”.

Univision 34 Atlanta contacted the bureau of homicide investigation Salvatierra, attached to the Guanajuato State Prosecutor’s Office, to request information on how the investigation is progressing. However, after five hours of trying, it was impossible to receive any government response.

Aliyah will be laid to rest in Memorial Park. of the city of Gainesville this Thursday.


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