Autonomous driving, Opel’s main attention in its next electric

Autonomous driving is already with us

The automotive industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Along with the change from the combustion engine to cars powered by battery-powered electric motors, there is the arrival of autonomous driving, the same one that Tesla, Ford or Volkswagen, among others, already incorporates, and that Opel is now seeking. This technology (not automatic driving system), will allow cars to circulate completely alone, without a driver. In fact, they may not even have a steering wheel.

And, to classify a car as suitable for autonomous driving, it must be equipped with enough technology to drive without the need for control by a person and it must also allow this type of driving. in a prolonged way.

Experts speak of five levels in the development of automated cars. Today, as it is known, we are evolving from semi-automatic to highly automated driving. Or what is the same; we would go from level 2 to level 3. In Germany, legislators already created the legal framework for this jump several years ago, in 2017.

What is it about

In fact, in the Teutonic country the driver is allowed to take his hands off the wheel briefly and divert his attention from traffic to open a bottle of water. However, you must be able to take control in seconds. And there is Opel, who is behind the development of a system that can achieve the purpose.

What is Opel autonomous driving about

It’s more; In the case of the German brand, autonomous driving was already an approach for Opel, of which they even managed to establish the first tests until 2018. It has not been until now that they have got back to work to take out and establish a new situation with this driving mechanism for your cars, especially for the 100% electric.

Currently, the Rüsselsheim firm maintains an outline of autonomous driving in vehicles such as the Opel Grandland, which equips a system of Level 2. Here, the car has both longitudinal and lateral movement control, although it does not have detection and response to objects. It is where you will have the ability to act independently since they can perform one or more tasks so far performed by the driver. However, and as they already work, the objective is to level 3.

Opel works on level 3

In this way, a vehicle fully prepared for driving will be able to guide itself, without human intervention and, if necessary, on roads that have not been designed for this purpose. It is what has to do, in large part, with level 3, where the Opel firm already transmits sensations for its future electric cars.

And what does this level 3 of autonomous driving mean? That the driver can leave the control of the vehicle to the car itself in very specific circumstances (for example, on the motorway), but you must be prepared at all times to take charge of it again, although the vehicle will notify you well in advance when this is necessary.

At the legal level, this is a key point, since the driver will not have the responsibility, which will become the vehicle manufacturer, when he drives alone. Among the models of the house, it has been mentioned that the evolution of the Mokka-e and Astra could incorporate this system. It’s more; the same Grandland, the renewed SUV of the brand of the ‘Z’, also incorporates the technology ‘Stop & Go’, where the car resumes walking autonomously after a stop if it is short.

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