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In 2018 we jumped on EasyMille’s self-driving electric minibus, the EZ10. Three years later, this becomes the first autonomous transport vehicle to operate at level 4 in mixed traffic, within the public highway.

Is about a big step for electric and autonomous mobility, with a minibus that has been released in France, but that has already taken its first steps in Spain, where its arrival is not ruled out.

The first autonomous level 4 bus

Easymile Oncopole Level 4 Fully Driverless 2021 74

Level 4 autonomous driving reflects the conditions in which a vehicle does not require human attention at any time, since the car itself will be the one who controls the driving based on the traffic and surrounding conditions. The French government has authorized the EasyMille EZ10, and the company becomes Europe’s leading driverless solution provider.

This minibus can pick up up to 12 passengers: it is completely autonomous, so there is no driver inside it for any part of the journey

This minibus is 100% electric and has the capacity to transport up to 12 people. It has a small ramp for people with disabilities and is capable of ride in any weather condition (rain, snow, fog, etc.).

At the crosswalks, he stops, yield to signs and roundabouts, it manages the stops automatically and, in an emergency, any technician can stop it remotely from anywhere in the world.

The "who is who" of the autonomous vehicle: these are the companies that want to take over the sector

This EZ10 is a small step ahead of solutions that we have already seen in Spain such as the autonomous bus from Malaga, which still has to be driven manually for much of the journey. In Spain, tests were carried out with the EZ10 under Telefónica’s 5G networkTherefore, it is not ruled out that it continues to expand throughout Europe and ends up landing in our country.

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