Madonna criticized for sharing “horrible” knife photo on Instagram and revealing that her team worked “without pay”

Madonna has come under fire for an Instagram post that her followers have called “horrible.” The singer shared a selection of photos to promote her controversial shoot for V Magazine, which includes an image of photographer Steven Klein holding a knife to Madonna’s throat. While many responded to ask Madonna to refrain from sharing similar … Read more

MLB details of Wander Franco’s contract with Tampa Rays

Tampa Bay Rays and Wander Franco They reached an agreement multimillionaire which was one of the early bombs of this winter’s MLB offseason. The Dominican and the Tampa Bay organization negotiated for 12 years and more than $ 200 million. Here we leave the contract details. Various media such as journalist Jeff Passan reported on … Read more

Why do the Spanish use bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Key facts: The possibility of generating profits is the main driver of bitcoin adoption in Spain. 27% of those consulted have already bought cryptocurrencies, whose popularity increased during the pandemic. Knowing what are the points that push the adoption of cryptocurrencies in a country or a region is key to understanding how they can contribute … Read more

Alicia Machado talks about the violence she suffered; Was José Manuel Figueroa the singer who hit her?

Despite the fact that during his stay in the reality show “The House of the Famous” Alicia Machado stated that she suffered gender violence from a renowned singer, the actress has refused to confirm who it is; However, various speculations have quickly emerged that suggest that the identity of the said interpreter could be that … Read more

Paolo Guerrero: The possibilities of playing abroad given his refusal to return to Alianza Lima | Boca Juniors | NCZD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

According to the criteria of Know more The near future of Paolo Guerrero It is far from Alianza Lima. He confirmed it himself. At 37 years old, the ‘Predator’ is still confident in his ability to shine abroad. Options are not lacking. But now, all the attention is on his speedy recovery. SIGHT: André Carrillo: … Read more

This company pays you almost 200,000 euros if you donate your face and your voice “for life” to a robot

11/25/2021 – 12:59 Updated: 11/25/2021 – 14:46 In the robotics career, the more realistic and human the face of the automaton is, the closer it is to joining society as a support element in certain jobs such as supervision, security or assistance. If a robot were covered in metal, with bulging eyes and complex wiring, … Read more