Auron: “A large part of the Rivals participants have been invited by Twitch”

There is less and less left for it to start Auron’s GTA Racing Twitch Rivals. Specifically less than a week, since it will take place during the days 3 and 4 of November.

However, there are still many details that we do not know about the event. For example, at the exact time of writing this article we only know 7 of the 60 participants.

This is precisely what he himself wanted to talk about. auron in a recent direct, making it clear that he has only chosen a few participants, since the vast majority have been chosen by Twitch.

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“I have to say one thing: a large part of the participants have been invited by Twitch. Be careful with this, that later no one comes to say that someone is missing“, commented the Catalan content creator.

“A large part of the participants come from Twitch. I have invited a fewbut then I couldn’t invite everyone I wanted,” AuronPlay remarked.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before we meet all the remaining participants. Then we can check if the Twitch selection was correct. The event, of course, Looks very good.

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