August 30 Victory Day What concerts are free in Ankara? Has the Ankara concert calendar for August 30 been announced? – Photo news

Free concerts have begun to be announced, which will be held for the celebration of Victory Day on August 30th. The festive events organized by the municipalities also started earlier this year. The Ankara Municipality has started work for our national holiday. The holiday was opened on August 28 by the “We Talk Face to Face” group. After the opening, the celebrations in the capital began early. The Ankara concert calendar has been announced after the start of the celebrations! Well, on August 30, Victory Day, what concerts will be in Ankara? Here is the concert calendar for Victory Day on August 30 …

The Ankara Municipality will add something new to the events it organizes every year. Residents of the capital, who started the celebrations early, are looking forward to Victory Day on August 30. Throughout the country there will be celebrations and events in honor of our national holiday. These celebrations will be organized by the municipalities of the city. The Ankara Municipality has announced a calendar of concerts for the August 30 celebration. So, what concerts will be in Ankara on August 30? Here is the concert schedule and details….

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