Audits of the Chamber of Accounts throw more mud at Alexis Medina and former officials

Recent audits by the Chamber of Accounts have further aggravated the criminal situation of Juan Alexis Medina and other officials arrested during Operation Antipulpo and accused of creating a network of corruption that benefited from their links with the government of Danilo Medina to steal funds audiences from different institutions.

And it is that the external control body of public resources has sent to the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca), the reports in which serious irregularities are evidenced in Alexis Medina’s contracts with the Office of Supervisory Engineers of Works of the State (Oisoe), as well as in emergency processes to repair 56 hospitals in 2013.

The findings that also compromise the criminal responsibility of other former officials, such as the case of Freddy Hidalgo and Francisco Pagán, could be included by Pepca in its investigation to close the first stage of Operation Antipulpo and present its formal accusation next Friday 3 December, the date on which the term granted by Judge Yanibet Rivas, of the Third Investigating Court of the National District, expires to conclude the investigations.

The findings at Oisoe

In its special investigation, the Chamber of Accounts found irregularities for an amount that exceeds RD $ 43,237,525,265 in the hospital equipment processes carried out by Oisoe with the company Domedical Supply SRL. This company belongs to Alexis Medina.

Among the irregularities, it is established that they made contracts that do not meet the exceptional characteristics, contracts without prior evidence of certification of funds and without evidence of complying with the execution times.

In addition, the documentation indicates that no contracts were registered with the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, allegedly there were overvaluations of equipment and the prices of equipment were changed between one cubing and another without justification or approval, among other maneuvers against what the law establishes. law.

About Freddy Hidalgo

In the urgent process for the repair and maintenance of some 56 hospitals under the reference draw method Mispas-CCC-PU-2013-08 during the government of former president Danilo Medina and the then head of Health, Freddy Hidalgo Núñez, also they found serious irregularities.

Within the results of the Chamber of Accounts, it is mentioned that the Ministry of Health made emergency contracts without an expert report to justify them for an amount of RD $ 3,073,527,092.

It also says that contracts were made without a seriousness policy for the offer for an amount of RD $ 2,999,535,891.

In addition, there is evidence of awards of works without evidence of the evidence of the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) in the amount of RD $ 208,748,117 and awards of works without evidence of the certification of the Social Security Treasury (TSS) for the sum of RD $ 37,490,339.

The investigation specifies that projections of items not executed in the works were found for RD $ 30,636,940 and disbursements without supports or paid stamps for more than RD $ 1,388,150,347 and RD $ 61,907,754 respectively.

The subdued in Antipulpo

In addition to Alexis Medina, José Dolores Santana, Fernando Rosa, former director of Fonper, and Wacal Vernavel Méndez Pineda are in prison for the Antipulpo case. While former OISOE officials, Francisco Pagán and Aquiles Christopher, as well as Julián Suriel Suazo, are under house arrest for collaborating with the investigation. Wilfredo (Freddy) Hidalgo, former Minister of Public Health, is also under house arrest, while Magalys Medina, Alexis Medina Sánchez’s sister, is in a space controlled with an electronic pager. Former Comptroller General Rafael Antonio Germosén is under house arrest, and Domingo Antonio Santiago has a periodic presentation before the Public Ministry.

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