Atlético Marte defeats Alianza in Cuscatlán

With goals from José Guevara at 44 ‘and Henry Reyes at 54’, Atlético Marte defeated Alianza 2-1 at the start of matchday 19 of Apertura 2021 in a game where Fito Zelaya’s response at 62 ‘put drama in the game .

It was only the 49th victory for the azulones in the entire history of the derby and the sixth in short tournaments since 1998.
The 192 capital derby in the history between Martians and Pachyderms since 1959 was played with certain passages of intensity for both nights since it began with a score in the first 10 minutes of play where Alianza proposed more.

That slight white dominance allowed him at 13 ‘to generate the first chance of scoring on the goal of Derby Carrillo when the Colombian Riascos managed to remove the mark from Quejada to send a cross at grass level right on the line of the minor area where Juan Carlos Portillo he was powerless to finish off the goal against the good mark of Diego Chévez.

A minute later the Martian response came when Edgar Valladares missed two clear opportunities to open the scoring after first his header was badly rejected by Yimi Cuéllar when he crashed the ball into his left post and then Novoa managed to delay the ball again towards Valladares who he finished off soft and predictable at the hands of Cuéllar.

The game warmed up little by little but the two defenses continued to command within the Cuscatlán playing field.
Atlético Marte forgave the albos at 27 ‘when again Valladares, after receiving a ball filtered by Chavarría, blew smoke out of goalkeeper Cuéllar’s gloves when the azulón attacker dared to take a right hand from outside the area that the white goalkeeper managed contain well.
Alianza responded at 30 ‘with Henry Romero’s uncomfortable header against Mercado’s center from the left wing that goalkeeper Carrillo safely caught.

Atlético Marte approached the opening of the scoreboard again when the Colombian Quejada finished off with a head the center of Reyes from a corner kick but Landaverde, on the goal line, providentially rejected the ball that was looking for the alliance networks of the north goal.

The azulones were more incisive than the whites and that extra on the court rewarded him at 44 ‘with a goal from the right by Chepito Guevara.

A ball that the Colombian Ballesteros took from the left wing where he removed all marks from the albos to assist with a filtered ball to the right side who without any mark entered the greater area of ​​the albos to take a shoe that slipped through the post Yimi Cuéllar’s left side, who threw himself in that direction but was powerless to stop the ball to make it 1-0.
That goal was enough for the Martians to go into halftime with the score in their favor.

Milton Meléndez tried for the second half to straighten the white ship and for this he sent the Colombian Víctor Arboleda to the playing field for “the Check” Rivas and Fito Zelaya instead of “Cabrita” Portillo in order to oxygenate the area to feed Riascos who wrecked in the first half.

Ancheta for his part, kept his 11 warriors knowing well that he is short of players on his bench.
The Martians tried to surprise the lower area of ​​the albos as “Tigana” Meléndez advanced their ranks in pursuit of the tying goal.
Thanks to this, Atlético Marte found it 2-0 through Henry Reyes when he impeccably charged a free kick at 54 ‘by hitting the ball at the same post as the goalkeeper Cuéllar after a minute before Henry Romero fouled him to the “Comején” Novoa one meter from the line of the large area of ​​los albos.

With the 2-0 against, the Alianza coach sent the reserve Harold Osorio in place of Israel Landaverde with the idea of ​​reinforcing his attack but without changing his game system since Montes went to the defense on the left.

But at 62 ‘the albos discounted through Fito Zelaya by taking a ball that goalkeeper Carrillo let loose after half rejecting Riascos’s right hand on the right wing to sign his seventh goal in the league.

The goal against caused changes in the blue ranks when the reservist Gómez and Oviedo arrived on the field instead of Valladares and Morán with the clear idea of ​​closing their ranks to hold the score.

Michel Mercado missed the tying goal at 78 ‘when he uncomfortably headed a cross from the right wing of his compatriot Riascos and sent the ball over the goal defended by Derby Carrillo.

The four minutes granted by judge Vicente Ruiz seemed eternal for the Martians and short for the Albos who add a painful but fair defeat at the hands of their neighbor who does not lower his arms to qualify for the quarterfinals.


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