“Athletes do not live on cardboard”, reactions of journalists to the controversy of Yuri Rodríguez

The world champion detailed his reasons why he did not agree with the deputies’ award for being world champion, the reaction of journalists was mixed.

The World Champion bodybuilder, Yuri Rodríguez remains on everyone’s lips, after refusing the request of the deputies to consider him a Notable Athlete of El Salvador, stating that he was not going to lend himself to this type of publicity.

Yuri tweeted a video where he detailed his reasons for disagreeing with the deputies, that Tweet had various reactions from people, journalists and more. The Salvadoran athlete also received attacks from several people for giving their opinion on their networks.

Karsten Rivas, from TCS, was one of the most forceful sports journalists when it came to talking about the issue: “Deputies, athletes do not live on cardboard, it does not serve them to train, it does not serve them to nourish themselves, it does not serve them to travel, let’s not be so miserable especially with a world champion. You do not put up the name of the country and better “prizes” are prescribed, were the words of the presenter.

World champion Yuri Rodríguez denounces attacks on social networks by sectors related to the ruling party

The reaction of Diego López, channel 33 sports journalist, was calmer, only with the phrase: “Interesting position of the world champion.” He did not say whether he agreed or opposed the athlete.

Nelson Rauda Zablah, a journalist from El Faro, commented on the attacks on social networks that Yuri received after giving this controversy: “The world champion Yuri Rodríguez has been exposed to a media lynching for rejecting recognition from the Assembly. It serves as a warning to others that if they do not agree with the deputies they will receive the same ”.

Here are more reactions from journalists:

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World champion Yuri Rodríguez denounces attacks on social networks by sectors related to the ruling party

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