Atari “revives” the Classic 2600 console for modern TVs: when will it be released

Atari is back with an intriguing revival of its original Atari 2600 console, aiming to win the hearts of nostalgic gamers.

Called the Atari 2600+, this new version stands out as the most accurate interpretation since its debut in 1977, offering meticulous attention to detail, down to iconic switches like Power and Game Reset. The console is now slightly smaller, but has the same “retro charm”.

Working with European game developer PLAION, Atari created the Atari 2600+. This modern version brings back the vintage feel and contains the classic Atari 2600 and later 7800 cartridges. The best part is that it is compatible with modern TVs (via HDMI) and provides widescreen support.

Atari releases the Atari 2600+ on November 17th.

The console boasts some modern touches, including a USB power connector and a choice of multiple screen resolutions, complete with a single CX40+ joystick and ten games (including timeless games like Adventure and Missile Command).

Unlike its previous attempt, the streaming-focused Atari VCS, the game generator looks visually and authentic “feel” reminiscent of the 1980s. The heart of the console is in the Rockchip 3128 SOC processor, complemented by 256MB of DDR3 RAM and internal storage.

While this new interpretation offers fewer control options than its predecessor, there is a port for additional controllers, and separate CX40+ and CX-30 controllers are available for purchase. Attractive starter games like Mr. Run and Jump and Berzerk Enhanced Edition are also available separately.

Pre-orders are available here, and the console is scheduled to launch on November 17 for $130. Thus, the Atari 2600+ gaming system bundle includes an Atari 2600+ gaming system, an Atari CX40+ joystick, an Atari 10-in-1 game cartridge, an HDMI cable, and a USB-C power cable.

In case you didn’t know, the Atari gaming legend turned 50 last year.

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