At the pedagogical meeting, goals for the academic year are set and new teachers are welcomed.

“Our new school year will be the way we make it. This school year, we must think about the three most important priorities that will change the way we work and the results we achieve every day. This is a single school, that is, the entire education system – from preschool to vocational education and vocational education. The Unified School is an educational environment in which the teacher and the student feel very comfortable, in which we are all oriented towards good results in accordance with our abilities. The next priority is good governance in the broadest sense. This is a strong and intelligent management team of the institution that organizes the educational process. With good management, each educational institution, together with its staff and parents, nurtures its culture, learns and achieves good results. finallysmart educational network. This is an educational ecosystem where everyone who is interested in the development of the child cooperates with us, teachers. We are strong in cooperation and creativity, and together we will definitely achieve success,” stressed the head of the Jelgava Education Department Gunta Auza, addressing the teachers and the school administration.

The Chairman of the Jelgava City Council Andris Ravinsh, welcoming the teachers, emphasized that it is very important to raise the prestige of the teacher in society, provide him with educational materials and provide him with all possible support so that the new approach to teaching from theory becomes a real benefit for the student and society. “Our biggest challenges in education are the vision of the school leadership for the need for change, clearly articulated goals and objectives for the school team, motivation and professional development of teachers, creating a model for change and close mutual cooperation. Let’s learn to see the connections between things, analyze, collaborate and notice more than others! Let’s be knowledgeable, let’s be one step ahead of the others!” so A. Ravinsh.

Traditionally, new heads of educational institutions, their deputies and teachers are welcomed at the August meeting. Three teachers will start working in Jelgava next academic year. At the Jelgava State Gymnasium named after Spidol, Anna Petersone will teach French, and Anna Liepiņa will teach chemistry. On the other hand, there will be a new music teacher at Paula Bendrup’s elementary school in Jelgava – Linda Kupcha.

Today we welcomed the new director of Jelgava 5th secondary school Ella Shakurova and deputy directors for educational work – Baiba Asminya and Diana Bobrisheva-Goncharuk, the deputy director of Jelgava Technological Secondary School Inga Vikas for educational work, the deputy director of Jelgava 4th secondary school in the field of education Elina Sproge, Principal of Jelgava Paula Bendrup Primary School, Deputy Director of Education Ekaterina Leskavniece and Deputy Director of Jelgava Primary School “Valdeka” – Information Technology Development Center Jānis Arajs. New leaders have appeared in private preschool educational institutions – Lelde Misune will manage the Gnome House, and Elena Grisle – Abelity.

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