At just nine years old, a girl with a higher IQ will study medicine

The minor native of Chiapas Mexico, She is recognized as the genius girl because this condition that gives her the title according to the World Health Organization occurs in three out of every hundred children. It all started when at the age of a year and a half he learned to speak Spanish and English perfectly, at 4 he already knew how to read and write, currently he dominates French, Italian and German. “Some psychologists told me that he was an adult when he was little,” her mother said in an interview with Uno TV.

The girl was rejected in several schools in her area due to her high coefficientlater she was approved in an educational institution, but when she was there her parents asked the Secretary of Education for a “grading acceleration”.

The request was approved and Michaell was promoted from fourth to sixth grade, in November 2021 through an evaluation the minor was able to accredit her primary studies. By March 2022, he took another exam and passed high school. In total, he passed the primary, secondary and the test of the National Center for the Evaluation of Higher Education (Ceneval) to certify his high school.

“They told us that they could do the accreditation for a single evaluation, so we accepted that offer and in November 2021 accredits primary school and right now in March 2022 accredited secondary and high school through a single exam as well”, he told Uno TV.

Among her goals is to be a cardiovascular surgeon and then a biologist. Her studies will begin in August of this year virtually for two years, and then she will go in person to the state of Massachusetts in the United States to continue her education. Michaell also defines herself as an artist because she draws, paints, plays the piano, and has also been outstanding in swimming, basketball and is a black belt in taekwondo, among other disciplines.

But Mexico has been the cradle of people with these characteristics, because in 2019 the story of 11-year-old Adhara Maite was known, who has a coefficient greater than Einstein’s beating him by two points with 162. The minor was born in Boca del Río, a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

At the age of three, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. He is currently studying two university degrees virtually Industrial and Systems Engineering. In addition, he receives private math classes at home and studies English at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Unam), one of the most prestigious in Latin America.

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