Asus confirms the company will NOT shut down its ZenFone division

In a press release, Asus has just denied reports from Taiwanese media that the company is about to shut down its Zenfone division.

Article updated August 29, 2023:

“We would like to respond to the rumor that ASUS Zenfone 10 will be the last generation of the series and the ASUS Zenfone product line will be closed. This is not true,” Asus said in an official statement.

“We will continue to work on two major phone lines: ROG Phone and Zenfone. ASUS is strongly committed to our smartphone business and our customers. Please see our second quarter earnings report for more information. Please stay tuned for updates on our 2024 product lines.”

The report mentioned by Asus shows that the company’s smartphone division accounts for 2% of the company’s total revenue in the second quarter of 2023, compared to 1% last year over the same period. Most of Asus’s sales come from PCs and accessories, but the smartphone segment is showing good momentum, which the company wants to build on.

Original article dated August 29, 2023:

Website report Technews Taiwan indicates thatAsus may donate its Zenfone division reintegrate it into the ROG Phone branch. If this is confirmed, Zenfone 10 will be the last member of its lineup.

The end of compact Asus smartphones?

In the house 01net.comWe liked the Zenfone 9 as well as the Zenfone 10. Two high-end compact smartphones that make the fewest compromises yet offer the benefit of a very nice grip. The presence of a mini-jack 3.5 is also one of those “little additions” that make the latest compact models from Asus stand out.

But times are tough for the company, and an internal restructuring would take over the Zenfone division. The employees who worked there would join the ROG Phone gaming division as well as other divisions of the company. In the absence of the Zenfone team, it’s hard to imagine how the Zenfone 11 could see the light of day.

This new report follows other “incidents” around Zenfone, such as the brand’s decision to no longer provide the tools needed to unlock the bootloader of smartphones.

A few months ago, members of the community noticed that the company was no longer providing previous firmware versions to ensure users were up to date.

While waiting for Asus to confirm (or deny) this report, we can’t help but think that this will be bad news for users. The compact smartphone offering is far from bloated, and the disappearance of such an important player in the field would obviously be detrimental.

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Asus’ ROG division could possibly develop a compact smartphone, but it would be aimed at mobile gamers, creating a sub-niche that would likely have a hard time finding an audience. In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you appreciate compact smartphones and whether the end of Zenfones will sadden you or not.

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