Astroworld security guards sue Travis Scott for a million dollars


Since there was a human stampede in one of the concerts of Travis scott, in which a dozen people lost their lives and hundreds were injured, it has not stopped debating what is the scope of the responsibility of the rapper In all this tragedy

The 30-year-old musician faces multiple lawsuits for what happened and now two of the event security guards, Samuel and Jackson Bush, have undertaken legal action against you and they demand a million dollars from him claiming that they have been permanently marked by what they witnessed in Houston Texas, last November 5.

Jackson claims that he saw several unconscious people receiving CPR and that he pulled a body out of the crowd as thousands of fans made their way to the stage.

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As shown in the documents obtained by TMZ, the couple – who was hired to work at the festival through AJ Melino and Associates – states that 50,000 people had bought tickets, but that eventually the number of attendees turned out to be much higher, putting everyone present in danger.

They also want event producer Live Nation, AJ Melino and the record label of Travis, Cactus Jack Records, among others, answer for what happened.

Last week another demand $ 2 billion on behalf of 280 concertgoers, while many other fans have filed theirs on their own.

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The representatives of Travis have not stopped repeating that he was acting when the stampede and that he did not notice that anything strange was happening in the crowd.

In fact, he did not discover the real extent of what had happened until the next day.

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