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“After evaluating the content of the submission of the process, it was decided to postpone the consideration of the issue of consideration to September 1. Based on the law On stabilization of local government finances and control over financial performance of local governments Article 6, paragraph 1, when submitting an application for financial stabilization of the municipality, it must be accompanied by calculations of the costs of financial stabilization and a plan of measures to be taken. The working group is currently working on the content of the submission,” was the reply. For a day provided by the head of the communications and external cooperation department of the Rezekne City Council Natalya Yupatova in response to a question about the reasons why the meeting was postponed from today – August 29.

At the same time, Minister of Environment Protection and Regional Development Maris Sprindžuks (AS) in an interview with Day expressed the opinion that even postponing the meeting for three days would not change the situation and, according to him, Rezekne Municipality would not be able to prepare a high-quality and realistic financial stabilization plan for the municipality, in accordance with the regulations, which could be adopted by the Ministry of Finance (MoF). According to the minister, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development will scrupulously assess the compliance of the activities of the Rezekne City Council with normative acts during its inspection, and if significant and systemic violations are detected, the consequences may be the dismissal of the mayor of the city. , as well as the dismissal of the entire board.

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