“As if she were my mother”: Ariel Miramontes “Albertano” dismayed by Carmen Salinas

Carmen Salinas gave Ariel her first opportunity in theater Photo: Archive
Carmen Salinas gave Ariel her first opportunity in theater Photo: Archive

Carmen Salinas continues in a natural coma after suffering a stroke. The veteran actress is in intensive care and her family awaits the next news regarding the evolution of her health.

The news took the public and members of the Mexican entertainment world by surprise, who have turned to messages in support of the beloved actress’s health. One of them has been Ariel Miramontes, who has worked on different projects with the also theater producer and former multi-member federal deputy.

One of the series where Miramontes, also known as Albertano, lived for long months with Carmelite Salinas is the sitcom We the handsome, where he also alternated with Adrián Uribe.

Albertano and Vítor are the protagonists of "We handsome"
Albertano and Vítor are the stars of “Nosotros los guapos”

The unfortunate news of Carmen’s state of health left Miramontes dismayed, who found out in the middle of the recordings of his new series Albertano against monsters. It was in an interview with Televisa shows where the actor was very sad about the issue of the actress, who, according to reports, suffered irreparable damage, so it is feared that he will not be able to return from the coma.

“I have a very special affection for Carmen. She treats me as if I were my mother, she tells me son, she is always supporting me, I really appreciate her. I am very moved and this day I am going to dedicate my work, with all my heart, “said the actor.

Albertano He highlighted the generosity of the actress, whom he thanked for having given him work when he began his career in the artistic medium: “He was the one who gave me a very important opportunity without me knowing her. She spoke to me on the phone one day, I did not know her in person, and asked me if I wanted to be The Bugambilia on Adventuress. I said yes of course, I had a week to do it, but since it was her I did not hesitate and she supported me all the time, “he added.

Ariel Miramontes "Albertano" He was on the verge of tears after learning the news of Carmen Salinas' health (IG: albertanoficial)
Ariel Miramontes “Albertano” was on the verge of tears after learning the news of Carmen Salinas’ health (IG: albertanoficial)

The actor who became known with his character in the series Maria of all angels invited the public to raise prayers for the famous Corkscrew:

What I want is to invite everyone to pray for Carmelita. Carmelita is a person who has helped many people. Since I have known her, I have seen that she has been very affectionate, but not only with me, she greets since she arrives at the quartermaster, the caretaker, the cameramen, the producer… ”, he added, dismayed.

Almost on the verge of tears, Miramontes said that the working relationship with the actress became a friendship: “She is a very pretty woman, very affectionate, for whom I have a lot of affectionFor many reasons, not only because of the camaraderie, that we have worked together either in theater or television, but that we have made a beautiful friendship, ”said the actor.

Carmen Salinas and her facet as a producer with
Carmen Salinas and her facet as a producer with “Aventurera” (Photo: Instagram)

Carmen Salinas is a fundamental character in the middle of the show in Mexico. It has been a difficult day, since I found out it has been difficult to be able to concentrate on the recordings and Rafael Perrín, was the one who told me, he told me that we are going to be strong and that we dedicate this working day to it, and yes what we are doing. I want to send a very strong hug to your family and your loved ones, let’s all say a prayer so that he recovers soon ”.

Finally, the actor recalled one of the acts of generosity of Carmelite of which he witnessed: “Benito Castro told me crying that they were in a project and that he told him ‘I don’t like that suit you’re wearing’ and he gave who knows how many suits to Benito, and Benito told me crying, I was happy because he came out to sing dressed to all that he gave, “he concluded.


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