Artist Bobby Joseph arrested for using synthetic tobacco


The South Jakarta Police Narcotics Investigation Unit arrested artist Bobby Joseph for possession of synthetic tobacco. Police said Bobby was arrested after using first-class drugs.

“He used him,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Commissioner Ahmad Ardi, head of the Narcotics Investigation Unit, on Monday (July 24, 2023).

Ardy said that Bobby also admitted that he had synthetic tobacco, which was protected by the police. However, the police are still investigating when he started using these items.

“It was discovered that he kept and possessed, and used or used for consumption. He admits that he owns and owns it,” he said.

0.46 grams of synthet confiscated

Ardy said that Bobby was arrested at his residence in Siner, Depok on Friday (21/7) at night. Also seized were 0.46 grams of synthetic tobacco or regular synthetic tobacco.

“It weighs 0.46 grams of synthetic tobacco,” Compol Ahmad said.

The police, Ardi continued, had already carried out laboratory analyzes of the available evidence. The results were positive, the evidence was synthetic tobacco.

“The evidence for synthetic tobacco came from laboratory testing. And they are positive, it is synthetic tobacco,” he said.


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