Arrest warrant for Tugce Tayfur’s ex-fiancee

The prosecutor’s office, which launched an investigation, decided to arrest Burak Kalfa and confiscate his phones.

Tugce Tayfur also applied to the Family Court through her lawyer Ismail Demirci and demanded the protection of Burak Kalfa.

According to Hürriyet, the court recognized the petition as justified and ruled that Burak Kalfa should not approach Tugcha Tayfur for 2 months and should not disturb her by means of communication.

Tugche Tayfur, daughter of Ferdi Tayfur and Necla Nazyr, took the first step towards marriage with her businessman lover Burak Kalfa last September. It turned out that Tugche Tayfur broke up with Burak Kalfa 16 days after the engagement.

Tugche Tayfur, who said her fiancé had threatened her and her family after the divorce, made surprising statements on her social media account:

“You are responsible for everything that happens to you!

I hold you accountable. Despite the fact that you have a suspension warrant, you will not stop, but the prosecutor’s office will definitely catch you and you will receive a well-deserved punishment.

You thought I was the owner, but I’m not Burak Efendi…

I have a lot of people behind me who love me, and I’m going into this legal battle with their moral support.

I will no longer be silent against the psychological abuse, curses, threats and blackmail that you have been doing for 6 months. For the days when you found out what kind of person you are and locked me in your house when I wanted to leave, for the days when you hit me and said: “You will perform wherever I want”, for the days when you used my name to go into politics, for threatening my parents to harm me, I burned the ships now!

You forced me to be with you because you have a video in your hands, but now God is so big that I am not afraid of anyone!!!
I know that several other women died with me, and I am sure that they will not be silent either!
You are responsible for everything that happens to you, Burak Kalfa!”

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